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Blog posts tagged

Gabriel Aguiar Noury
17 August 2021

Autonomous mobile robots (AMR) – a beginner’s guide to adoption

Robotics Article

Note: This blog follows the autonomous mobile robots structure defined by “Why you’re looking at AGV / AMR technology all wrong” written by Limor Schweitzer. The process of automation with autonomous mobile robots (AMR) is challenging. Is not only about the budget for companies looking to automate. It also requires a deep understanding of ...

Anthony Dillon
22 June 2015

Introducing Vanilla

Ubuntu Article

Why we needed a new framework Some time ago the web team at Canonical developed a CSS framework we called ‘Guidelines’. Guidelines helped us to maintain our online visual language across all our sites and comprised of a number of base and component Sass files which were combined and served as a monolithic CSS file ...

Inayaili de León Persson
27 January 2012

Ubuntu Brand Guidelines get their own site

Ubuntu Article

If you’ve ever had to create Ubuntu or Canonical related design materials, chances are you had a look at the Brand Guidelines, which, until now, have only existed in the form of bulky PDFs. Those days are over, as we happily introduce the brand new Ubuntu Brand Guidelines site, where you can read the guidelines ...

Inayaili de León Persson
26 January 2012

Some guidelines for warm grey text on the web

Ubuntu Article

Warm grey is one of the neutral colours from Ubuntu and Canonical’s colour palette. It has been added to the palette for balance, being a bridge between the vibrant orange and aubergine. The brand guidelines specify that warm grey (hex value: #AEA79F) can be used for: backgrounds, graphics, pictograms, dot patterns, charts and diagrams, a ...

Marcus Haslam
16 September 2011


Ubuntu Article

We are about to start the exciting job of branding juju (formerly Ensemble), I’m putting the brief out to you, please share your ideas and suggestions and of course publish them. We do have a deadline, so could we please have your designs whether sketches or otherwise by Friday 23rd and and we will review ...