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Run your data centre like a cloud

Gain more control and optimise costs with Canonical’s open source infrastructure portfolio. Build your environment quickly and simplify operations with automation.

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A cloud on your own terms

Whether you’re looking to migrate from proprietary solutions, repatriate your workloads or adopt a modern platform, Canonical’s infrastructure solutions give you efficiency and choice.

Get a lower TCO

Seeing your public cloud TCO increase over time? A private cloud is more cost-effective when running workloads long term and at scale.

Read our cloud pricing report ›

More control over your data

Decide exactly where your data is stored, how it’s secured, and who can access it.

Architecture freedom

Design your cloud according to your business requirements. Your choice of software, compute, storage and networking configuration.

Reduce your reliance on proprietary vendors

Use open source components and decide where you run and move your cloud workloads.

The best of both worlds with a hybrid environment

Use both public and private cloud resources according to your needs.

Why choose Canonical infrastructure solutions?

  • Predictable pricing per node
  • Full-stack automation
  • 10 years of enterprise-grade security maintenance and support
  • Fully compliant with FIPS, DISA-STIG, PCI-DSS, and more
  • Expert guidance to achieve your goals faster

Accessible open source infrastructure

With open source tools, Canonical puts clouds within reach for everyone. Unlike proprietary solutions, there are no licence fees. You pay only for the support and maintenance you need.

How to migrate from proprietary solutions like VMware to open source ›

Full-stack automation

Maintaining and operating a data centre is costly; it takes time and skilled resources. Our infrastructure technologies include advanced lifecycle management features that lower these burdens.

  • You can execute common and complex administrative tasks in a matter of minutes
  • Reduce human errors, misconfigurations and the application attack surface through automation

One vendor, one subscription for security and support

Say goodbye to unpredictable costs. Canonical offers you the convenience of a single subscription for your platform’s security maintenance, support and compliance: Ubuntu Pro.

  • 10 years of peace of mind for infrastructure and applications, giving you sa secure base to build on and expand
  • Priced per node for unmatched predictability and economics
  • Includes compliance with standards like FIPS, DISA-STIG and CIS

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What customers say

“Now, we have complete control over our hardware, and this autonomy allows us to fine-tune our servers to meet our specific needs, optimising performance and efficiency. We can customise every aspect of our infrastructure, from the operating system and network architecture to the type and amount of storage used.”

Nawaz Dhandala
Founder and CEO, OneUptime
Read the case study ›

“We wanted one service provider for the whole on-premise cloud consisting not only of Kubernetes but also the Ceph storage solution, PostgreSQL and Kafka. These were all the services that were needed and with this we could have one joined-up approach”

Michael Hawkshaw
Mission Operations Infrastructure IT Service Manager, ESA
Read the case study ›

"It’s no good having just half of the stack automated. From the DNS name to the IP network, firewall, the virtual machines, and the bare metal servers in the data centre, you need orchestration on every layer and the tools need to communicate with each other.
That’s what Canonical’s solutions enable."

Thomas Taroni
VP of Product, Phoenix Systems
Read the case study ›

"We needed a cloud solution that was stable, reliable and performant. Canonical allowed us to do this by helping to design and deploy our cloud - and they helped us do this quickly."

Peter Blain
Director, Product and AI Firmus
Read the case study ›

Use cases for Canonical open source infrastructure

Infrastructure for AI/ML

Focus on your models and minimise time spent on operations.

Download our MLOps toolkit ›

A scalable private cloud

A cost-effective and open source alternative to VMware vSphere, Hyper-V and Proxmox Virtual Environment. Easy to scale as your needs grow.

Sovereign cloud

Ideal to ensure sensitive data remains safeguarded from threats and breaches.

Local or regional public cloud

Create a hyper-secure cloud for your country or region, and deliver better performance.

Read Phoenix Systems’ story ›

Edge computing at scale

Deploy clouds that are low-touch, self-healing, and need little to no human interaction.

NFVI or CSP cloud for telco

Security, low-latency and dedicated support with unmatched economics.

Canonical offers cloud design and delivery at a fixed price.
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Tooling for every scale and area of compute

With Canonical, you can build clouds for distributed edge environments or large-scale data centres. Our open source infrastructure portfolio gives you choice and a unified administration experience.

Self-managed or managed. You decide.

Manage your cloud

You manage your cloud yourself. We can assist you with the design, help you make the right hardware choices, deploy it for you, provide full commercial support and train your team.

Contact us to discuss your needs ›

Let us manage it

We deploy and manage your cloud 24/7. This includes typical daily maintenance tasks, incident and problem resolution, recurring upgrades and more. You benefit from a public cloud-like experience.

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