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Transform your infrastructure with secure and cloud-native telecom solutions

Canonical is the trusted and agile partner you need to boost network performance, optimise costs and achieve digital transformation with open source.

Get enterprise-grade security and support to innovate with confidence.

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Why choose Canonical for telco?

  • Improved agility and reduced costs
  • Experts to help optimise your systems
  • Long-term support and security updates

Gain flexibility and innovate at speed with open source

Open source software frees you from proprietary features and puts you in control. Staying true to the upstream also lets you harness the latest open source technology. Canonical offers the best of open source with enterprise-grade security and support.

Canonical is active in key open source initiatives for telco

Carrier-grade open source for telcos, from cloud to edge

Canonical offers secure, modular and interoperable solutions.

Ideal for public and private clouds, multi-cloud or hybrid-cloud environments at centralised or distributed sites.

Trusted operating system

Ubuntu is the standard secure Linux for telco workloads running on servers and virtual machines. It offers the widest open source software library and supports the fastest, biggest and most successful digital operations. Ubuntu is also widely tested on the world’s leading silicon to optimise resource consumption.

66% of experienced developers prefer Ubuntu. Chiselled Ubuntu images drive optimal and minimally-sized containers.

Learn more about Ubuntu for telco ›

Optimal virtualisation infrastructure

Build your own cloud and use powerful automation tools to lower your maintenance burdens and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Choose Canonical OpenStack for data centres or Microcloud for small private clouds and edge environments. Running on top of both, Canonical Kubernetes provides repeatable and trusted deployment and operations of CNFs.

Full security coverage

Offload the compliance, security and support of your entire open source telco stack.

Benefit from 10 years of security maintenance with timely CVE patches and software dependency management.

Learn more about Ubuntu Pro ›

Automate operations to lower your total cost of ownership

Navigating uncertainty of next-generation infrastructure investment can be overwhelming. Canonical gives you the tools to mitigate risks and control costs.

Enhance performance with a cloud-native stack

Enhance telco workloads security, power efficiency and performance with our cloud-native technologies integrated into one comprehensive solution.

Get more system efficiency with Canonical's silicon partnerships

Canonical collaborates closely with leading silicon vendors, including AMD, ARM, Intel and NVIDIA, to fine-tune solutions for 5G, edge computing and AI/ML.

  • Harness the full potential of the latest hardware supporting Hugepages and DPDK
  • Take advantage of optimised real-time and low-latency kernels
  • Supercharge your performance and efficiency with cutting-edge technologies such as Smart NICs, DPUs and GPUs

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