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IoT Device Programme

Canonical collaborates with the world's leading hardware vendors to optimise and certify Ubuntu on devices, from robots, edge gateways, and development boards, for a stable, secure, and constantly updated platform.

Ubuntu certified hardware is your top choice for differentiation, reliability, and product visibility. The certified logo is recognised worldwide and increases customer confidence that the certified product integrates seamlessly with Ubuntu.

Become a partner

A selection of our IoT partners

Benefits of the IoT Partner Programme

Ubuntu certified hardware

  • All Ubuntu functionality works out-of-the-box
  • Assistance to test, review, and configure machines to be Ubuntu Certified
  • Reduce time to market by deployment-ready hardware

Long term support

  • Dedicated partner team and sales enablement access
  • Access technical guides to enhance team's knowledge
  • Support and security updates for up to 10 years

Joint marketing

Logos and joint branding

  • Logos and joint branding
  • Public postings on Ubuntu page
  • Promote your hardware as Ubuntu Certified

Accelerate your business with Ubuntu certified hardware

Our users have a high level of expectation in their experience with Ubuntu. Whether at home, in development, or production, an easy and predictable user experience is important to us. To ensure this success, we partner closely with vendors worldwide to test, validate, and certify their portfolios to ensure this success.

Our partners gain access to a worldwide audience looking to purchase devices built to run on Ubuntu by participating in the partner program. The top manufacturers in the world are all engaged with Canonical on promoting their platforms as Ubuntu Certified.

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Our partner network spans the full range of our product suite. We offer partner programmes for public clouds, IHVs/OEMs, desktop, channel/resellers and global systems integrators.

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Become a partner

We operate a range of partner programmes, from essential product certification to strategic collaboration, help with QA and long-term strategic alliances.

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