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Company culture

We believe that talent is evenly distributed around the world. Diversity is part of our strength. What unifies us isn’t our background, it’s our mission to amplify open source.

We're Canonical




The future is already here, as open source. Canonical delivers it to the world. We bring the benefits of open source to more people and more industries than ever before. This means bringing new work opportunities to people regardless of their location too.

Fully distributed
since 2004

"We're a remote-first international company.
I get to work every day with people from all over the world, which is just amazing".

Ken VanDine
Engineering Manager, Ubuntu Desktop

Built on trust

As a remote-first organisation, trust is our currency. We hire and invest in people who are organised, self-driven and effective. If you value teamwork and are committed to being a good counterpart to colleagues around the world, you will love working here.

"Our organisation trusts people. At Canonical, you have the space to innovate and deliver on excellence".

Thibaut Rouffineau
VP of Marketing

to excellence

We aspire to lead on the global stage. Most of us are avid students of greatness ‐ we are interested in how the latest technologies work, how the best organisations work and how the smartest teams collaborate. We aim to hold our own in that crowd. We pursue engineering excellence and love to engineer excellence in all aspects of our work. From releasing the world's most popular Linux reliably to trailblazing documentation.

"This is a company where intelligence and learning are
highly valued".

Alyson Richens
Customer Success Manager

What kind of excellent are you?
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Life at Canonical

We are remote but we meet each other at least twice a year during in-person sprints. Find out how we collaborate.

We believe that talent is evenly distributed around the world. No matter where you were born, what you look like or how you like to dress, we will give your application fair consideration.

Your career at Canonical can progress in many ways. We celebrate growth in level of responsibility, interests and depth of expertise. We encourage colleagues to find their passion and invest in that.

We know our work and our products have an environmental impact. Optimising our products and operations to minimise our impact is important to us.