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Public Cloud

Ubuntu is enormously popular with providers delivering public cloud services today. Significant developer mindshare, a favourable licensing model and a policy of regular updates have made Ubuntu the number one platform for cloud guests, the world over.

Canonical engages with public cloud companies to ensure Ubuntu images are performant, provide a consistent experience, secure, up to date and available for a range of product offerings. The programme provides eligibility to resell Ubuntu Pro or attach Canonical’s enterprise support, services and management tools.

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A selection of our Public Cloud partners

Benefits of the Public Cloud partner programme

  • Ubuntu images including Ubuntu Pro are tuned and tested for each cloud to ensure optimal performance
  • Automated publication across all cloud availability zones for facilitated operations
  • Be featured as a Public Cloud Programme partner on the Canonical website, including the ability to use our trademarks and logos
  • Regular and automated refresh of Ubuntu images for enhanced user experience and increased security
  • Automated publication across all cloud availability zones for more efficient operations
  • Joint marketing opportunities, including revenue-sharing for support, services and management tools delivered under Ubuntu Pro

Become a partner

Interested in becoming an Ubuntu partner? Talk to us today to learn more about our programmes.

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