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OpenSearch® operations, simplified

Secure and automate the deployment, maintenance and upgrades of your search and analytics suite across private and public clouds.

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Made to give you peace of mind

  • 10 years security maintenance and support
  • Open source
  • Simple per node subscription
  • Hybrid, multi-cloud ready

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A hyper-automated OpenSearch with enterprise-grade support

OpenSearch is a fantastic open source search and analytics suite. But operating and supporting a production OpenSearch solution can be complex and challenging. Canonical's Charmed OpenSearch helps you automate operational tasks and spend more time on value-driving activities.

  • Automated security and configuration best practice
  • Made for physical and virtual machines (VMs)
  • Built-in observability
  • Multi-cloud
  • Self-healing

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OpenSearch enterprise use cases


OpenSearch enhances your website or e-commerce search capabilities with full-text querying, autocomplete, scroll search, and customisable scoring and ranking.

Analytics and machine learning

You can use OpenSearch in multiple analytics solutions such as events analytics, trace analytics, and machine learning, which uses algorithms such as anomaly detection and data clustering.

Observability and reporting

OpenSearch can be used to create observability applications through the OpenSearch Dashboard. It can also be used to schedule, export and share reports.

Vector databases

Use OpenSearch to store and index vectors and metadata, unlocking the ability to use low-latency queries to discover assets by degree of similarity.

Secure and supported software packages

We provide 10 years of support and security patching for your OpenSearch artefacts in the format of your choice through our Ubuntu Pro subscription.

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Managed OpenSearch

We manage your OpenSearch deployments on any cloud, including: automatically deploying, patching, optimising and upgrading with our open source operator.

  • Backed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Expert help in applications operations
  • 25/7 support

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Unlock the potential of your data. Canonical's advisory services help you design, deploy and manage your data solutions.

  • Platform architecture and design
  • Proof of Concept (PoC)
  • Solution deployment
  • Charmed OpenSearch training

OpenSearch resources

What is OpenSearch

Learn about OpenSearch architecture, plugins and tools.

Future-proof AI applications with OpenSearch as a vector database

Give your generative AI models a broader and deeper pool of data with the right vector database.

Charmed OpenSearch open source projects

Introduction to Canonical open source projects.

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