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Desktop Programme

Canonical collaborates with the world’s leading vendors to optimise and certify Ubuntu on 100s of laptops, desktops and workstations for a secure and constantly updated platform.

Whether built with the developer in mind or to power AI ambitions, these out-of the-box platforms give practitioners everything they need to transform their enterprise IT.

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A selection of our Desktop partners

Why buy a certified Ubuntu desktop?

Preloaded with Ubuntu

Ubuntu certified PCs ship with a clean version of Ubuntu, straight from Canonical

Works out of the box

Canonical performs 100s of stringent tests to ensure all Ubuntu functionality works out-of-the-box

5 years support

Certified PCs are continuously tested throughout the lifetime of the preloaded Ubuntu release

Optimised images

PCs preloaded with Ubuntu at the factory come with an optimised image to provide users with the best experience for their hardware

Latest hardware

Collaboration with Intel, Nvidia and AMD guarantees Ubuntu runs flawlessly on the latest CPUs and GPUs

Battery life

Ubuntu certified PCs meet the most stringent energy regulations — Energy Star, CEC


Ubuntu certified PCs undergo rigorous testing to ensure they perform flawlessly after 30+ suspend/resume cycles

Ready for Enterprise

Ubuntu certified PCs are eligible for Ubuntu Pro, the most comprehensive Linux enterprise subscription

The key to corporate fleet

With 100s of certified models, ranging from low-cost tower PCs to AI workstations

Buy a certified Ubuntu PC

We've been working with partners like Dell, HP and Lenovo for years to ensure that Ubuntu devices reach market as effectively as possible.

With the help of these partners, Ubuntu machines are distributed around the world and can be found in both their exclusive and partner stores.

Canonical and Dell work together to deliver Ubuntu on systems from entry-level laptops to high-end developer machines.

See the Ubuntu certified AI-ready workstations

Shop for Dell with Ubuntu

HP sells a wide range of Canonical-certified Ubuntu laptops and desktop machines globally.

View HP with Ubuntu

Canonical has been shipping Ubuntu on a variety of Lenovo's popular machines which are available from Lenovo's enterprise teams.

Buy AI workstations with Ubuntu

View Lenovo with Ubuntu

Get Ubuntu Pro

Security, compliance and support to improve efficiency while reducing complexity and cost.

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