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Make a difference in open source

Our Mission

Seamless consumption of open source
across the compute spectrum

Join an intense global mission – to deliver the world's best open source experience,
from platform to application

Remote working

Less commuting, more real travel

Canonical is uniquely global – we hire the best open source team, regardless of nationality or language, creed or colour.

Find your team

Open source is transforming the entire stack. This is your chance to be right at the center of that revolution, to shape the platforms and tools that millions use to invent our global technology future. From bare metal to cloud to high performance computing, from AI and big data to the web and connected devices, open source is the key ingredient for success.

Getting it done right is the best feeling in the world. Whether it's running complex technical infrastructure or challenging projects, your consistent focus on data, organisation and teamwork means you're a force for good in the battle against entropy. Time zones are easy and technical customers are your favourite.

You build long term relationships and you always promote the approach that is in the customers best interests. You are interested in the state of the art, you love to represent a company that knows how to transform customer operations.

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