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Your career with Canonical

Life at Canonical is anything but corporate. As a company that exists to support Ubuntu, one of today’s most important open source projects, we are changing the world on a daily basis. It’s a collaborative environment, but one in which every member of the team takes personal responsibility for everything they produce.


Open source is transforming the entire stack. This is your chance to be right at the center of that revolution, to shape the platforms and tools that millions use to invent our global technology future. From bare metal to cloud to high performance computing, from AI and big data to the web and connected devices, open source is the key ingredient for success.

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Getting it done right is the best feeling in the world. Whether it’s running complex technical infrastructure or challenging projects, your consistent focus on data, organisation and teamwork means you’re a force for good in the battle against entropy. Time zones are easy and technical customers are your favourite.

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Finance at Canonical isn’t just about numbers. It’s about connecting with people across the business, helping them to understand the value they bring, as well as promoting the commercial focus that will grow our brand.

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Web & design

The design team at Canonical crafts and builds the user-experience for sophisticated technical specialists across a wide range of industries and geographies. We design and build websites, complex web apps and support Ubuntu itself.

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We deliver the right technology message to a highly competent audience, at exactly the right moment. Success depends on having good instincts for tech trends and topics and a natural inclination to leadership.

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Project Management

Project Managers at Canonical are engaged during all phases of the project, from pre-sales support, to delivery to handoff of complete projects to support or managed services. Project managers create, manage, and maintain project specific schedules ensuring projects are delivered within time/resources/scope expectations.

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Excellence in operations enables Canonical to scale efficiently. Our core operations - from IT to commercial operations or logistics - is central to the idea that we can be an effective global distributed company serving advanced customers in every geography. We celebrate relentless improvement. We look for people who are passionate about tools and efficiency.

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You build long term relationships and you always promote the approach that is in the customers best interests. You are interested in the state of the art, you love to represent a company that knows how to transform customer operations.

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Canonical works at the forefront of global digital trends and the legal, licensing and regulatory frameworks that support them. We are a tight-knit team of professionals that enjoy playing a part in the rapid change.

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Canonical is a completely new kind of organisation - almost entirely distributed, we are a global team of technology leaders who collaborate online to enable the transformation of enterprise software to open source.

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Human resources

Canonical provides a unique window into the world of 21st-century digital business. We work with smart individuals from a wide range of professional backgrounds in more than 40 countries worldwide, bringing together.

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Diversity in our company is part of our strength

We believe that talent is evenly distributed around the world. No matter where you were born, or what you look like, or how you like to dress, we think you might have the brilliance and the work ethic and the passion for open source that would make you a Canonical candidate.