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Support Engineering

Support Engineering roles include IT experts and managed services operators across a vast portfolio of open source projects. We support, test, fix and operate the Ubuntu OS, infrastructure such as Kubernetes, LXD, OpenStack, MAAS, and a growing portfolio of open source applications. We believe in customer-centricity, working with the community and smart operations through code. The robots we are constructing to run the data centre need to be backed by humans that care about the needs of our users.

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In Support Engineering, you will enjoy the excitement of a team environment that is fun, diverse, distributed globally and incredibly competent. Every day, we work to enable our customers to work on some of the most challenging problems in the world.

Support Engineering at Canonical

While we all enjoy the feeling that comes from passionately working together, we also collectively respect each other's lives away from work. Part of standing together with a global team that is set up to work remotely means you can step away during your off-hours and know that your team has your back. Your manager will guide and mentor you through your work but equally wants you to make sure you are taking the time away from work to help you unwind and refocus. All of us are in this together, and we want you in Support Engineering for the long term.

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If you enjoy helping customers, solving real, complex problems and you thrive operating software or building software, then Support Engineering at Canonical will present you with the challenging work environment to help you learn and grow. We welcome you to apply with us!

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