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At Canonical, we provide the services our partners need to ensure their hardware and software works optimally with the Ubuntu platform. This means working with OEMs, ODMs, ISVs and IHVs, delivering the software and services to complement their core competencies in design, manufacture and distribution. We help our partners deliver their products without the cost and complexity of operating system development, software engineering or global content distribution agreements.

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Ubuntu in the cloud

Ubuntu has been involved in OpenStack since the project began. It is now the world’s most popular choice of operating system for production OpenStack clouds, with over 60% of deployments running Ubuntu.

Building a cloud is not a “one size fits all” endeavour. Telcos and enterprises deploying OpenStack want to select technology components which meet their architecture and procurement requirements. We work with the leading cloud technology providers to ensure that their hardware and software is compatible with Ubuntu and OpenStack, thereby creating the most reliable and agile cloud architecture for users.

We also certify Ubuntu as a guest OS on public clouds. Our Certified Public Cloud program gives public cloud providers an optimised Ubuntu image to offer on their platforms, and includes options for Canonical support agreements for the cloud users. It’s a complete package which provides a consistent, reliable Ubuntu experience to public cloud users.

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A selection of our cloud partners

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Ubuntu IoT devices

Ubuntu is used on 100,000s of advertising screens and on robots across hospitality, retail and mining industries worldwide. Canonical collaborates with semiconductor and device manufacturers, making Ubuntu the number one platform for robotics and self-driving cars. Canonical also partners with device manufacturers across their product lifecycle: product concept, integration, development, ecosystem building and monetisation.

Ubuntu on the PC

Canonical has a large, experienced OEM engagement team that has been closely involved with hardware makers like Dell, HP and Lenovo for many years. We provide a complete, end-to-end device delivery solution on Intel, AMD or Arm silicon, helping our partners identify market opportunities and deliver to market on time and on budget. Thanks to Canonical’s hardware enablement partnerships, Ubuntu is now pre-installed on industrial PCs, thin clients, laptops and desktops from the world’s top brands in all major global markets.

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A selection of our IoT device and PC partners

  • Super Micro Computer
  • Microsoft
  • ON.Lab
  • Microchip
  • Mellanox
  • NEC
  • SanDisk
  • QCT (Quanta Cloud Technology)
  • AMD
  • Emulex

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How we work with our partners

By formalising their partnership with Canonical, hardware makers, ISVs, cloud providers and mobile carriers can realise a wealth of benefits.

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Certification of products to ensure the quality and consistency of experience.

The opportunity to help shape the world’s favourite open source operating system.

Security and critical bug fixes to the base platform offering.

Infrastructure to support your update management strategy.

Third party licence fees and subscriptions, royalty collection fees and regulatory broadcast fees.

Custom engineering covering component and system enablement, certification and platform customisation.

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