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Canonical partner programmes

At Canonical, we provide the services our partners need to ensure their hardware and software works optimally with the Ubuntu platform. This means working with technology leaders large and small, to provide the software, services, support and certification they need to complement their core competencies. For technology customers, this has created a thriving market of suppliers with Ubuntu expertise.

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Public Cloud ›

Ubuntu on clouds is optimised, tested and certified by Canonical for performance and security

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Certified hardware for efficient data centers from the large-scale core to distributed edge

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Desktop ›

Pre-installed and certified Ubuntu on desktops, laptops and workstations

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Channel/Reseller ›

Channel partners ensure that local Ubuntu expertise is available on every continent

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IoT Device ›

ODM, factory, integration and device management partners get your device to market faster

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Global System Integrators ›

Deliver solutions on Ubuntu to drive down costs and accelerate the adoption of open source

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Looking for a supplier with Ubuntu expertise? Select from the complete list of our partners.

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Become a partner

Interested in becoming an Ubuntu partner? Talk to us today to learn more about our programmes.

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