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We hire for talent, passion, and work ethic passion, and work ethic

Your career at Canonical can progress in many ways. We celebrate growth and development in many forms.

We value people who love to learn

Not just how to be better engineers but how to be better speakers, how to be better designers, better organisers, better partners, and better vendors.

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Explore diverse roles

We encourage team members to experience diverse roles at Canonical over the course of their career to build deep awareness of company culture,  establish best practices in leadership and grow their technical expertise.

In fact, flexibility in exploring new roles is one of main reasons people love to work here.

Finding your passion

We also explicitly encourage team members to find their passion and invest in that, recognising the benefit to your team and the company when you become a more effective team player.

Path to management

Management is important to us and we like to develop those skills in people who enjoy it. Being a manager at Canonical offers the chance to lead some of the brightest people in tech to design, build, sell and support a growing range of technology products at every level of the stack.

Our mission in action

See what's new at Canonical

21 February 2023

Elektrobit and Canonical announces EB corbos Linux ‐ built on Ubuntu

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20 September 2022

Ubuntu Core is set to redefine industrial computing with new edge AI platform NVIDIA IGX

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7 December 2022

Virgin Media O2 deploys Charmed OSM to accelerate network function virtualisation for cloud workloads

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What team members say

"At Canonical, every day is different. I am able to learn a lot. The people are consistently amazing."

"Going into management added another dimension to explore which was also fun for self-development. It transformed me deeply".

"I love to work for a mission-driven company that is democratising technology".

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