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Marcus Haslam

Marcus Haslam

6 posts

Marcus Haslam
26 March 2018

Introducing the new Snapcraft branding

Cloud and server Notes

Early developments of the the Snapcraft brand mark If you’re a regular visitor to or any of its associated sites, you will have noticed a change recently to the logo and overall branding which has been in development over the past few months. We have developed a stand-alone brand for Snapcraft, the command line tool ...

Marcus Haslam
3 November 2011

Juju: a logo with a story

Ubuntu Design

Mark Shuttleworth’s keynote this week at the Ubuntu Developer Summit includes introducing Juju, including a big slide showing off the new Juju logo. Below is the story of how that logo it came into being. The Juju project is done. We asked the Juju community to help, and out of out of love for the ...

Marcus Haslam
16 September 2011


Ubuntu Article

We are about to start the exciting job of branding juju (formerly Ensemble), I’m putting the brief out to you, please share your ideas and suggestions and of course publish them. We do have a deadline, so could we please have your designs whether sketches or otherwise by Friday 23rd and and we will review ...

Marcus Haslam
20 December 2010

Design Museum exhibition London

Ubuntu Notes

Something exciting next year Bruno Maag from Dalton Maag has been asked by the Design Museum London to put on an exhibition of his work. This is a collaboration between ourselves and DM, the exhibition will be in two parts a substantial part of which will be featuring the Ubuntu font. Exhibition from 28th January ...

Marcus Haslam
1 October 2010

New t-shirts

Ubuntu Notes

The new Maverick Meerkat and Natty Narwhal t-shirt delivery came in this morning, looking tip top I have to say. Check out the MM on the shop site in mens and ladies styles. For Natty you’ll just have to wait ’til UDS Im afraid. ...

Marcus Haslam
20 May 2010

Talk Type

Ubuntu Notes

At the recent Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS), we invited Type Designer Bruno Maag from Dalton Maag to talk about the new open-source font design development for the Ubuntu operating system (name yet to be finalised but there’s a good chance it could be called Ubuntu : )). Bruno gave two talks – the first, an ...