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Blog posts tagged

Will Grant
11 July 2022

UX Deep Dive: Classify interactions for a more intuitive user interface

Design Article

We try hard to make our products as intuitive and familiar as possible, but there will always be “advanced” options and rarely-used features. So how do we decide what order and prominence to give to these lesser-used features? ...

31 March 2022

MasterClass: Concept design

Design Article

Concept design is the fundamental of interaction design and the deepest level of design decisions. A concept in this context is described as a bridge between the designer and the users, who will only be able to make effective use of the interface if they grasp the underlying intent of the concept that is designed.  ...

Will Grant
9 June 2021

The story of a feature: “View my invoices”

Design Article

In this blog post, I’ll do a deep dive into the process of designing a small feature on – from the original need, right through the design phase until it’s handed over to engineering. It intends to give you a good high-level overview of how we do user experience (UX) design at Canonical on ...

Will Grant
15 April 2021

Transcribing user interviews with Amazon Transcribe

Design Article

A quick ‘how to’ on using Amazon’s Transcribe service to turn user interview recordings into text-transcripts. ...

Leia Ruffini
13 April 2021

Ubuntu in the wild – 13th of April 2021

Cloud and server Article

The Ubuntu in the wild blog post ropes in the latest highlights about Ubuntu and Canonical around the world on a bi-weekly basis. ...

26 July 2016

New starter Raul (UX designer) – “I want to challenge myself to do the most difficult things”

Ubuntu Design

Meet the newest member of the design team, UX designer Raul Alvarez, who will be working on the Ubuntu convergence story. Raul will be bringing new ideas to improve our apps to allow for a seamless experience across all devices. We caught up with him to tell us more about his background and what attracted ...

Carla Berkers
24 May 2016

Autopilot: benefits of early release

Cloud and server User Experience

OpenStack is the leading open cloud platform, and Ubuntu is the world’s most popular operating system for OpenStack. Over the ...

Inayaili de León Persson
26 January 2012

Some guidelines for warm grey text on the web

Ubuntu Article

Warm grey is one of the neutral colours from Ubuntu and Canonical’s colour palette. It has been added to the palette for balance, being a bridge between the vibrant orange and aubergine. The brand guidelines specify that warm grey (hex value: #AEA79F) can be used for: backgrounds, graphics, pictograms, dot patterns, charts and diagrams, a ...

20 December 2011

Improving the Multi-Monitor Experience in Ubuntu

Ubuntu Design

Over the past few months we have been working on improving the multi-monitor experience in Ubuntu. We took the opportunity at UDS in November to get some feedback on a prototype, which shows how we are planning to develop the multi-monitor experience over the next few cycles: Here is a short video of the prototype ...

Alejandra Obregon
27 November 2010

Participate in research

Ubuntu Research

Are you a developer or systems administrator that uses Ubuntu at work and/or at home?We’re looking for people who might be available to help us on a current research project in London on the 3rd and 10th December. If this sounds like you please get in touch. ...

10 June 2010

Announcing the User Experience Advocates Project

Ubuntu User Experience

After working on paper cuts for a year, I realized how disorganized many open source projects affecting Ubuntu are when it comes to improving user experience. I would often go to upstream projects with a list of paper cuts to discuss and have a very difficult time finding someone to discuss them with. Either the ...

28 July 2009

Distributed user testing of archive behavior in Ubuntu

Ubuntu Design

In response to two paper cuts, “Have the file-roller automatically extract an archive on double click” and “‘Archive Manager’ doesn’t mean anything if you don’t know what an ‘archive’ is”, the Canonical Design Team devised a user test of archive behavior in Ubuntu, and we’re inviting the community to help administer the test and collect ...