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Gabriel Aguiar Noury
17 February 2023

Course for deploying ROS applications now available in The Construct

Robotics Article

We are happy to announce the release of our first e-training course for deploying ROS applications in The Construct. The Construct is the leading e-learning platform for ROS, helping engineers grow their robotics skills with a full-scale curriculum and hands-on courses. Working alongside The Construct engineering team will now make the co ...

James Donner
21 December 2016

Cloud Chatter- December 2016

Cloud and server Article

Welcome to our final cloud news round-up for 2016. In this issue, you’ll find details of our upcoming OpenStack and Containers office hours sessions and you can take a look at our latest webinar exploring OpenStack clouds on hyperconverged architecture. Read how Ubuntu 16.04 LTS is our most secure distribution yet; and how Canonical’s Dis ...

James Donner
20 November 2015

Juju Charmer Summit: Designing For Success

Cloud and server Article

In our next video, watch Marco Ceppi, a prolific Juju Charmer, deliver a follow-up to Mark Shuttleworth’s keynote. This one is entitled “Designing For Success.” This talk provides a comprehensive introduction to the pieces that make Juju magic happen. We recommend that anyone interested in writing Charms or the process of charming watch t ...

Arturo Suarez
1 September 2015

5 Reasons why you should learn OpenStack

Cloud and server Article

After the remarkable success of the recent OpenStack days in Taiwan, Seattle and Silicon Valley (Benelux is next, September 17th), and as we head towards the next OpenStack Design Summit in Tokyo, I feel it is a great time to give you the following piece of advice: You should learn OpenStack. The sooner, the better. Let me give you 5 reas ...

Alexia Emmanoulopoulou
30 July 2015

ODS Video: Making Large-scale Data Centre Deployment Easy With MAAS

Cloud and server Article

Why has cloud computing been so successful? Arguably, it’s the 70s-style pay-as-you-go model of computing that allows companies a low-cost way to build a cloud from zero. More importantly, it’s how the cloud solves the problem of quick machine deployment in fast-paced business environments – provisioning a new PC in minutes. But what if y ...

12 May 2015

Canonical Cloud Chatter: April 2015 Newsletter

Cloud and server Article

This April saw our new release, Ubuntu 15.04! We also have some great webinars, training courses and product announcements to tell you about and some exciting partner ecosystem news for you. Meanwhile, we’re getting ready for OpenStack Summit in Vancouver – we hope to see you all there! So dive in and enjoy! Webinar: Designing ...

Cezzaine Zaher
20 February 2015

New Ubuntu OpenStack Fundamentals training sessions available

Cloud and server Article

Coming up: training course in Utrecht, Netherlands We are pleased to announce availability of the Ubuntu OpenStack Fundamentals Training programme – designed for companies that have decided to use OpenStack, the world’s most powerful open cloud platform. This new training programme is an intensive 3-day hands-on course that will give you ...

3 October 2014

The Ubuntu OpenStack Training Programme

Cloud and server Article

More training options have been a long-standing request by our customers. Following the on-site, 2-week course we offer as part of our consulting and support portfolio, and Jumpstart Training which includes a 2-day course by Canonical engineers on an Orange Box and a loan of the box for two weeks, we are now proud to ...

30 September 2010

Ubuntu enables advanced computer research into killer diseases

Desktop Case study

Delivering training courses to researchers in developing countries – Ubuntu was the first choice for The Wellcome Trust Sangar Institute. Background The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute is a charity at the forefront of research into the study of the genomes of the world’s major killer diseases such as malaria, typhoid fever and the ‘superb ...

16 April 2009

New, shiny, condensed and hugely effective: The new Ubuntu Certified Professional course

Ubuntu Canonical News

The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) has recently (April 1st) updated its LPIC1 objectives significantly to come in line with advancements made over the past four years. This provides Canonical with the opportunity to readdress the Ubuntu Certified Professional (UCP) certification. As such, new UCP certification objectives have been fin ...

23 March 2009

Ubuntu Server Edition – Updates from the Canonical Training Camp

Ubuntu Canonical News

Following the growing success of Ubuntu Server Edition, and in response to requests from both students and partners, Canonical has now launched an Ubuntu Server-dedicated course, called ‘Deploying Ubuntu in the Enterprise Environment’. This five-day course is designed for intermediate-to-advanced system administrators working in organisat ...

16 February 2009

Ubuntu Training Strengthened in the USA

Ubuntu Canonical News

Canonical has recently signed and trained up instructors from Fast Lane and Bridge Education, the  latest two partners to join the Ubuntu Training Partner Programme. Ubuntu courses are now available in many locations across the USA. Two, 5 day courses which form part of the Ubuntu Certified Professional certification train System Administ ...

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