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Oliver Smith
10 May 2022

HP brings the power of Ubuntu-based data science to Windows workstations

Ubuntu Article

Ubuntu is fast becoming the platform of choice for data scientists worldwide – which is why HP is empowering its customers to launch Ubuntu environments directly on their Windows machines. In addition to native Ubuntu offerings, select Z by HP workstations are also available with Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 (WSL 2) pre-installed and pre ...

2 September 2020

HP Z series on Ubuntu – AI development on enterprise workstations, now in your remote office

Desktop Article

Today, HP announced the launch of its Z series of laptops and workstations certified with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, the latest additions to their popular professional workstation line. Made to drive AI and machine learning and with hardware that is also suited to 3D and virtual reality development, the Z series is an ideal enterprise workstation ...

Pierre Equoy
10 June 2020

People and processes behind “Ubuntu certified” devices

Desktop Article

While searching for your next GNU/Linux enabled computer, you may have found that some vendors such as Dell, HP and Lenovo sell a selection of desktops and laptops with Ubuntu pre-installed. In fact, Ubuntu is certified on an ever-growing list of hardware. But what does it mean exactly for such a device to be “Ubuntu ...

Martin Wimpress
24 April 2020

What’s new in Ubuntu Desktop 20.04 LTS?

Desktop Article

Well, here it is! Ubuntu is the world’s most popular open-source desktop operating system, and we think this is our best release to date. Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is an enterprise-grade, secure, cost-effective operating system for organisations and home users. Before I summarise the changes in this release, let’s address something I’ve seen discu ...

John Zannos
30 September 2014

Ubuntu and HP’s Moonshot extend the benefit of the ARM architecture to the data centre

Cloud and server News

Hyperscale, scale out and cloud computing are the hot topics in the server space today. Driven by increasing Internet traffic, massive amounts of data and widespread adoption of Linux-based open source workloads, companies ranging from Paypal and Bloomberg to Facebook are taking a fresh look at their approach to data centre infrastructure ...

John Zannos
1 July 2014

HP Publishes OpenStack on Ubuntu Reference Architecture

Cloud and server Article

Just in time for the recent HP Discover event, engineers from HP and Canonical published a technical white paper titled: HP Reference Architecture for OpenStack on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. This white paper provides the information HP clients need to start planning cloud deployments using OpenStack on Ubuntu with HP servers. For clients who are b ...

17 December 2013

Ubuntu Desktop: a proven, leading-edge, low-cost OS perfect for education

Desktop Article

Ubuntu is becoming more and more popular in the education sector globally. Every day millions of students conduct research, produce assignments, correspond with each other and their teaching staff, and do many other things using the Ubuntu desktop. Why do governments, universities, schools and learners choose Ubuntu? ...

Maria Bonnefon
1 October 2013

Ubuntu pre-installed and in retail worldwide

Ubuntu Article

In the early days of Ubuntu, it was always a challenge to promote an OS that was so new and little known to the market; we were often asked ‘Ubun what…?”! Over the years, Canonical has grown rapidly, has innovated even faster and the community has spread the word all across the globe. Today, with ...

12 September 2013

Landscape updates Ubuntu with hyperscale management

Ubuntu News

Today we’re introducing some new features into Ubuntu’s systems management and monitoring tool, Landscape. Organisations will now be able to use Landscape to manage Hyperscale environments ranging from ARM to x86 low-power designs, adding to Landscape’s existing coverage of Ubuntu in the cloud, data centre server, and desktop environments ...

24 July 2013

Bodega Aurrera stores shipping HP PCs with Ubuntu preinstalled

Desktop News

Good news for Ubuntu users in Mexico! Walmart-owned Bodega Aurrera has teamed up with HP and is now selling PCs preloaded with Ubuntu across Mexico. Consumers can now get their hands on the PCs and notebooks in-store or through the Bodega Aurrera website at The HP Pavillion PCs preloaded with Ubuntu 12.04 ...

3 July 2013

HP ProLiant Ubuntu Server download

Ubuntu Article

Welcome to HP customers Thank you for choosing Ubuntu and purchasing your support from HP. This page is where you can download your Ubuntu Server software and learn more how Ubuntu can work for you. Download Ubuntu Server* * Please note 12.04 LTS is the HP supported version. Ubuntu Server — for scale out computing ...

Hardik Dalwadi
3 July 2013

Technical guide for HP laptops

Desktop Article

Modifying any technical settings puts your data at risk, so we strongly recommend you contact an HP service centre for guidance (call +91 9696 153 153 or email If you must make changes yourself, please read this guide carefully beforehand. It answers the following common questions: How do I create a bootable device ...

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