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HP ProLiant Ubuntu Server download

Welcome to HP customers

Thank you for choosing Ubuntu and purchasing your support from HP. This page is where you can download your Ubuntu Server software and learn more how Ubuntu can work for you.

Download Ubuntu Server*
* Please note 12.04 LTS is the HP supported version.

Ubuntu Server — for scale out computing

The leading platform for scale out, Ubuntu helps you make the most of your HP infrastructure. Whether you want to deploy a cloud, a Hadoop cluster or a web farm, Ubuntu Server delivers the best value scale out performance available.

What’s new in 13.04


  • High Availability for key OpenStack components built into Juju charms
  • New charms for Ceph, node.js, Ruby on Rails, and Django
  • Charms have built-in SSL support
  • Full production-level Juju GUI


  • Grizzly backported for 12.04 LTS, available through
    Cloud Archive
  • Ceilometer metering tool monitors usage and resources
  • Further development of Quantum, OpenStack’s virtual networking API

Scale out at speed with Ubuntu on HP Moonshot

Ubuntu, the leading OS for x86 and ARM Hyperscale is partnering with HP to disrupt the server marketplace with
HP Moonshot system — launching April 2013.

Ubuntu is the scale out leader and is fully integrated in the
HP Moonshot system.

Find out more ›

HP and Canonical have certified a range of Proliant servers to work with Ubuntu ›

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