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Maria Bonnefon

Maria Bonnefon

4 posts

Global Client Sales Director

Maria Bonnefon has worldwide responsibility for client based business development with public entities. She originally joined the Canonical team in October 2006, where she has actively contributed to the Canonical revenue growth through various roles. She has driven strategy leading to the development of Ubuntu from tech savvy to mainstream usage by consumers and enterprises. Maria obtained her bachelors degree in International Business from Auburn University at the age of 18. She also holds an MBA from Georgia State University and a Masters in International Management from Ecole Superieure de Commerce de Toulouse. Maria is based out of Bordeaux, France where she lives with husband, Thomas Bonnefon renowned wine maker, and 3 children.

Maria Bonnefon
19 October 2015

Tendering with Ubuntu

Ubuntu Article

Why are companies still panic stricken about the use of Linux? When you ask the general public how they feel about Android, Chrome or Chromium, most individuals have few concerns. They tend to cite numerous reasons for choosing a preferred operating system; raving about its superior quality. However, if you ask them how they feel ...

Maria Bonnefon
27 August 2015

Windows 10: is it finally time to migrate to Ubuntu?

Desktop Article

Public and private enterprises across the world have been using Microsoft Windows for years, but it calls into question whether this is in fact the best choice or simply force of habit? With recent security and performance issues coming to the fore, an increasing number of companies are exploring the benefits of using alternative Operatin ...

Maria Bonnefon
1 October 2013

Ubuntu pre-installed and in retail worldwide

Ubuntu Article

In the early days of Ubuntu, it was always a challenge to promote an OS that was so new and little known to the market; we were often asked ‘Ubun what…?”! Over the years, Canonical has grown rapidly, has innovated even faster and the community has spread the word all across the globe. Today, with ...

Maria Bonnefon
5 September 2013

Canonical – Dell launching Ubuntu in China in 1,000+ stores

Ubuntu Partners

Over the next few weeks Chinese customers will be able to find more ways to purchase Dell computers pre-loaded with Ubuntu throughout even more cities!  With significant success to date, Dell China and Canonical will work closely together to significantly increase the the number of stores selling Ubuntu based PC’s in the Chinese retail ma ...