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Blog posts tagged
"Dalton Maag"

23 June 2011

Kashmiri Arabic script – questions, questions…

Ubuntu Design

We are now putting the two complex scripts Hebrew and Arabic together. Although the basic design of the Arabic was finalised some months ago we have been doing a lot of background work investigating language support, and thus defining a glyph set. This work has led us to have aprox. another 1,000 glyphs in the font supporting languages su ...

4 January 2011

Hebrew and Arabic on track

Ubuntu Design

Although I haven’t posted much recently we have still been working away. Besides the latest update to Version 0.7 of the core fonts, which posed some technical challenges, we have now finalised the Hebrew Regular and are making good tracks with the Arabic. You may remember the earlier post on the subject of the Hebrew ...

Marcus Haslam
20 December 2010

Design Museum exhibition London

Ubuntu Notes

Something exciting next year Bruno Maag from Dalton Maag has been asked by the Design Museum London to put on an exhibition of his work. This is a collaboration between ourselves and DM, the exhibition will be in two parts a substantial part of which will be featuring the Ubuntu font. Exhibition from 28th January ...

4 November 2010

Of hinting and tables

Ubuntu Design

I hope regular readers of the design blogs don’t think that we have abandoned our programme of telling you all about the font development – I know it’s been a while since the last post. The 10.10 launch and UDS are over and it’s been great to get some feedback from people about how much ...

15 October 2010

A space odyssey

Ubuntu Design

Time flies and it’s already time for our next blog entry on the design of the Ubuntu font suite. Below my colleague Fabio Haag explains the joys of spacing and kerning. Type designer from past to present all agree on one thing: the spacing between the letters is as important as the letters themselves, if ...

23 September 2010

Intial Hebrew trials

Cloud and server Article

The Ubuntu project is going full speed. We have started intial work on the Hebrew and would like to share a few thoughts with you. This PDF illustrates how we arrived at some of the basic proportions. Pages 1 to 5 deal with the proportional relationship of the Hebrew height against the Latin x- and ...

10 September 2010

Which way to slant the Hebrew

Ubuntu Design

Here is a design conundrum: which way to lean the Hebrew Italic design. Logic, and probably common sense, would dictate that it should slant in the reading direction. However, I think we have to consider wider implications on this issue, and I would like to ask for the community’s opinion on this issue. Personally, I ...

20 August 2010

A true italic

Ubuntu Design

In this latest post from Dalton Maag Lukas Paltram updates us on the development thinking that went into the italics in the new Ubuntu font family. ...

10 August 2010

The first milestone

Ubuntu Design

As work on the font continues we thought it would be good to get some insight from the people working on developing it. In the first of these posts, Bruno Maag explains where the team are and what’s coming. ...