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Blog posts tagged
"artificial intelligence"

Carlos Bravo
2 February 2024

Generative AI on a GPU-Instance with Ubuntu on AWS: Part 1 – Image Generation

Ubuntu Article

This blog post will show you how to run one of the most used Generative AI models for Image generation on Ubuntu on a GPU-based EC2 instance on AWS ...

Andreea Munteanu
16 July 2023

What does the future of AI hold in store?

AI Article

Eight trends to keep an eye on this Artificial Intelligence Appreciation Day On 16 July the world celebrates International Artificial Appreciation Day. In the previous century, science fiction often covered topics and inventions that are now closer to science fact, such as humanoid robots. In the 50s, artificial intelligence met both grea ...

8 September 2022

Charmed Kubeflow 1.6 is now available from Canonical

AI Article

The latest release of Canonical’s end-to-end MLOps platform brings advanced AI/ML training capabilities 8 September 2022- Canonical, the publisher of Ubuntu, announces today the release of Charmed Kubeflow 1.6,  an end-to-end MLOps platform with optimised complex model training capabilities.  Charmed Kubeflow is Canonical’s enterprise-rea ...

20 May 2021

Data Lab, Data Lake, Data Hub: what’s the difference?

AI Article

In this post we’ll explore the concepts of data lake, data hub and data lab. There are many opinions and interpretations of these concepts, and they are broadly comparable. In fact, many might say they’re synonymous and we’re just splitting hairs. Let’s look again. ...

Alex Cattle
1 April 2020

Accelerate AI/ML workloads with Kubeflow and System Architecture

AI Webinar

AI/ML model training is becoming more time consuming due to the increase in data needed to achieve higher accuracy levels. This is compounded by growing business expectations to frequently re-train and tune models as new data is available. The two combined is resulting in heavier compute demands for AI/ML applications. This trend is set t ...

Alex Cattle
6 February 2020

Edge AI in a 5G world

AI Webinar

Deploying AI/ML solutions in latency-sensitive use cases requires a new solution architecture approach for many businesses. Fast computational units (i.e. GPUs) and low-latency connections (i.e. 5G) allow for AI/ML models to be executed outside the sensors/actuators (e.g. cameras & robotic arms). This reduces costs through lower hardware ...

Alex Cattle
10 September 2019

Machine Learning Operations (MLOps): Deploy at Scale

Cloud and server Webinar

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning adoption in the enterprise is exploding from Silicon Valley to Wall Street with diverse use cases ranging from the analysis of customer behaviour and purchase cycles to diagnosing medical conditions. Following on from our webinar ‘Getting started with AI’, this webinar will dive into what succe ...

Alex Cattle
25 July 2019

Getting started with AI

Cloud and server White paper

From the smallest startups to the largest enterprises alike, organisations are using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to make the best, fastest, most informed decisions to overcome their biggest business challenges. But with AI/ML complexity spanning infrastructure, operations, resources, modelling and compliance and security, ...

Carmine Rimi
20 May 2019

Kubeflow at KubeCon Europe 2019 in Barcelona

AI Article

Kubeflow, the Kubernetes native application for AI and Machine Learning, continues to accelerate feature additions and community growth. The community has released two new versions since the last Kubecon – 0.4 in January and 0.5 in April – and is currently working on the 0.6 release, to be released in July. The key features in ...

4 October 2018

Ubuntu at GTC Europe 2018

Cloud and server Article

GTC Europe 2018 Date: October 9 – 11, 2018 Location: Messe Munchen GmbH, Messegelande, 81823, Munich, Germany Venue: ICM – Internationales Congress Center Munich Booth: S11 Join Canonical at GTC Europe 2018 in Munich, Germany from the 9th of October through the 11th, where we will be showcasing our technologies across AI/ML. Canonical wil ...

3 July 2018

Introducing the Dell Precision 7530 and 7730 with Ubuntu

Desktop Article

We’re excited to see Dell announce the availability of the latest Precision mobile workstations which come preinstalled with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Canonical have been part of Dell’s Project Sputnik since Day 1, and over 5 years later we are excited to see continuous innovation in open source computing solutions. The Dell Precision 7530 and 77 ...

11 May 2018

OpenStack Summit Vancouver 2018

Cloud and server Article

Event Details Date: May 21-24 Location: Vancouver, BC Venue: Vancouver Convention Centre East Booth: B7 Event Link:   Event Background OpenStack Summit is the leading event in Open Infrastructure, bringing together the builders and operators for sessions and workshops on containers, CI/CD, t ...

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