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on 23 June 2010

Are you a musician? Do you make beautiful illustrative wallpapers? Do you take amazing photographs? Do you make clever and inspiring videos or animations?

You may be interested in the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase.

Do you make open-source tools for creating any of the above?

I hope you will be interested in the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase.

Do you create works of art on free and open-source software?

The Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase could be something which is right up your street!

The Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase offers artists an opportunity to have their work included in the default installation of Ubuntu which is used by millions of people. The aim of this project is to celebrate free culture and to encourage the use and improvement of open-source tools for creativity.

Full details are on this wiki page.

There are groups on flickr, soundcloud, vimeo and deviantart ready and waiting for you to share your work.

I very much look forward to your contributions!

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