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  2. Lyubomir Popov

Lyubomir Popov

Lyubomir Popov

4 posts

Lead Visual Designer

Lead Visual Designer working on Vanilla Framework, MAAS and previously Snapcraft.

Lyubomir Popov
12 December 2022

Revisiting form elements in Vanilla Framework

Ubuntu Article

Over the years, we’ve identified a number of areas for improvement when it comes to the basic building blocks of a form – inputs, buttons, etc: Long-standing complaints that inputs and buttons are too similar and therefore hard to distinguish “Noisiness” of long forms caused by the presence of borders around all sides of inputs ...

Lyubomir Popov
30 April 2021

Taming unruly logo sections

Ubuntu Article

Making logo sections can be tricky. Logos come in all shapes and sizes, and without proper care, it is easy to end up with a poorly balanced layout. The problem has two aspects: Creating a responsive section that respects the layout structure of the page it is part of, which in most cases means being ...

Lyubomir Popov
3 November 2020

Accessibility audit of Vanilla framework

Design Article

The team behind the Vanilla Framework has a background in development, UX and Visual Design. We all care about accessibility, but none of us is an accessibility expert. We were interested in evaluating how well the framework complies with accessibility standards. We decided to start with an internal audit, fix any issues we find, then ...

Lyubomir Popov
15 March 2019

Vertical rhythm and spacing in Vanilla Framework 2.0

Cloud and server Article

Overview of the typographic improvements to our CSS framework introduced over the past 12 months. ...