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364 posts from 2022

The State of Robotics – 2022 news rewind

By Gabriel Aguiar Noury, 23 December 2022

Welcome to our 2022 robotics news rewind! We’ll be highlighting some of the most impressive feats of robotics engineering that we covered throughout the year...

Manage Debian, Ubuntu, and derivative Linux distributions with Landscape Scripts

By Rajan Patel, 21 December 2022

The fastest path towards Linux server management at scale is to leverage technology system administrators know. It is now possible to manage your Debian...

See for yourself: the benefits of chiselled Ubuntu images in action with an ASP.NET shop demo

By Valentin Viennot, 20 December 2022

Looking for a way to improve the performance and reliability of your online shopping and payment systems during the holiday season? Look no further than...

Chiselled Ubuntu: the perfect present for your containerised and cloud applications

By Valentin Viennot, 19 December 2022

As we enter the holiday season, online shopping and payment systems are gearing up for higher traffic and workloads. Ensuring that these applications can...

Snapcrafters: 2022 wrap-up

By Igor Ljubuncic, 16 December 2022

This article was written by Merlijn Sebrechts and Dani Llewellyn from the Snapcrafters community. ===== Last year, we officially re-launched the...

Launch your own MicroCloud with one command

By Miona Aleksic, 16 December 2022

Deploy your own micro cloud with a single command in just a few minutes. Try out the new significantly simplified deployment process.

Ubuntu Summit Memories Live On

By Heather Ellsworth, 15 December 2022

The Ubuntu Summit in Prague was a wonderful and busy few days spent together. There were lots of amazing talks, workshops, and fun times had outside the hotel...

Repatriation to reduce public cloud spend – easier said than done?

By Michael C. Jaeger, 15 December 2022

Repatriation in cloud computing refers to moving workloads from the public cloud to on-premise infrastructure. Sarah Wang and Martin Casado from Andreessen...

What is MLOps?

By Andreea Munteanu, 14 December 2022

MLOps is the short term for machine learning operations and it represents a set of practices that aim to simplify workflow processes and automate machine...

Ubuntu continues expanding RISC-V enablement in 2022

By Canonical, 13 December 2022

Dec 13, 2022, RISC-V Summit, San Jose – Canonical joins the RISC-V summit again and showcases the progress achieved in 2022. Followed by the enablement of the...

What’s confidential, generally available, and open source? It’s Canonical Ubuntu 22.04 on Microsoft Azure!

By ijlal-loutfi, 13 December 2022

On behalf of all Canonical teams, I am happy to announce the general availability of Ubuntu 22.04 Confidential VMs (CVMs) on Microsoft Azure! They are part of...

Open source in financial services – start with a strong foundation

By Kris Sharma, 13 December 2022

Financial Institutions (FIs) need to respond with agility and business velocity to keep pace with changing economic conditions. Yet, emerging competition from...

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