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200 posts from 2014

StackStorm joins the Charm Partner Programme

By Ellen Arnold, 19 December 2014

StackStorm is the newest member of Canonical’s Charm Partner Programme.  StackStorm is an operations automation software that enables users to define and...

Snappy Ubuntu Core now on AWS

By Canonical, 19 December 2014

Canonical is delighted to announce the availability of snappy Ubuntu Core on Amazon Web Services (AWS).  Snappy Ubuntu Core is a new ultra fast Ubuntu that is...

Developer Innovation Contest launched with China Mobile

By Canonical, 18 December 2014

“AND Your Dream Come True” Million Youths Entrepreneurship and Employment Programme “Ubuntu Developer Innovation Contest” officially launched China Mobile and...

Using Flannel and etcd for LXC container networking

By Jorge O. Castro, 17 December 2014

In this demo Charles Butler shows you how to use Flannel and etcd to network LXC containers. This allows you to Juju deploy to multiple hosts instead of one machine.

Truphone uses Juju to demo world’s first telecom solution in minutes

By Maarten Ectors, 16 December 2014

World’s first demo of live, open source telecom service runs in the cloud … and all in software Truphone‘s head of R&D together with TeleStax, Metaswitch and...

Snappy Ubuntu Core comes to Google Compute Engine

By Canonical, 16 December 2014

Canonical is delighted to announce the availability of snappy Ubuntu Core on Google Compute Engine, making the fastest Ubuntu now instantly accessible on the...

Snappy Ubuntu Core and cloud-init

By Scott Moser, 11 December 2014

Snappy Ubuntu Core was announced this week.  In yesterday’s blog post (Snappy Ubuntu Core and uvtool) I showed how you can use uvtool to create and manage...

Snappy Ubuntu Core and uvtool

By Scott Moser, 10 December 2014

Earlier this week, Ubuntu announced the Snappy Ubuntu Core . As part of the announcement, a set of qemu based instructions were included for checking out a...

A new, transactionally updated “snappy” Ubuntu Core

By Canonical, 9 December 2014

Today we’re announcing “snappy” Ubuntu Core, a new rendition of Ubuntu for the cloud with transactional updates. Ubuntu Core is a minimal server image with...

Announcing Ubuntu Core, with snappy transactional updates!

By mark, 9 December 2014

Ubuntu Core brings the bulletproof update mechanism and application isolation security from the Ubuntu phone to the cloud. It creates the smallest, most...

Charm Workshop: Writing Charms for Restrictive Networks

By Jorge O. Castro, 8 December 2014

In an ideal world your systems can reach any internet resource for whatever they need for deployment. However the real world is different, and many production...

Canonical and Data Foundry to provide hosted private cloud

By Canonical, 4 December 2014

Canonical announces a partnership with Data Foundry, a leading provider of global data centre, colocation and managed services, to offer a fully managed...

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