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Ubuntu Summit Memories Live On

The Ubuntu Summit in Prague was a wonderful and busy few days spent together. There were lots of amazing talks, workshops, and fun times had outside the hotel meeting rooms. If you missed it, go check out the Ubuntu Summit Highlight Reel blog post.

One of the end results of the Summit is a large collection of photos. There was an excellent professional photographer and videographer but that’s not all – there was the camera in everyone’s pockets!

Community Shared Photos

What memories do you have from the Ubuntu Summit? If you have pictures to share please fill out our upload form and we’ll put your images into our Community Gallery

Professional Photos

To see the large collection of professional shots, by Stansilav Milata, head over to our Summit Gallery.


Also there is now video available of the main ballroom and four talk rooms (Karlin 1-4)! Just head over to our UbuntuOnAir YouTube channel, where you will find the Ubuntu Summit playlist. A huge thanks to Mauro Gaspari, who took care of the video editing and adding each video to YouTube!

Each talk is uploaded as its own YouTube video and all talks from Day 1 and Day 2 are uploaded. Day 3 is actively being worked on so if you are looking for a Day 3 video and it is not posted yet, check back in a few days.

Staying Engaged

There was a brilliant energy buzzing around the hallway during coffee breaks and lingering with the few people left, as the attendees trickled off into various rooms. During those hallway chats maybe you hashed out a new idea for an app, use case, or even solved a problem! Think back to those hallway chats you were part of and make sure you’ve followed up on any remaining todo’s. Before the holidays demand all of our attention, why not leave each of those projects wrapped up, with a nice little bow, ready to pick back up next year? 

Also remember that the Ubuntu community is fun all year long, not only during the Ubuntu Summit! There are always things people can do to participate in any corner of the open source world. The open source community, and Ubuntu community, are open and welcoming to people of all backgrounds and interests, both technical and non-technical. Whether you are an app developer, designer, packager, documentation improver, or tester.. your contributions are needed to keep the open source community healthy and strong. Remember that it’s the social ownership nature of our open source projects that binds us together in a common vision of software freedom.

Looking Ahead

And while we’re all daydreaming about how wonderful our experience was at the Ubuntu Summit, why not start thinking about what you are excited to give a talk on next year? Our official dates and location for the Ubuntu Summit 2023 are still TBD, but we know it will be around the same time of year. Stay tuned for final dates and location announcements!

Canonical is Hiring

2022 has been a year of phenomenal growth for Canonical, and we look forward to more growth in 2023. If you are interested in learning about our current opportunities, please visit our careers page.

That’s it from the Ubuntu Summit Organising Committee desk for the year.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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