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Learn more about MicroCloud

Explore our resources about MicroCloud and its components.

Videos and webinars

Introduction to MicroClouds

Introduction to MicroClouds

A micro cloud is a new class of infrastructure for on-demand computing at the edge. In this webinar we go over what MicroClouds are and why they should be a part of your edge strategy, finishing with a demo.

MicroCloud, now with OVN

This youtube video explains the technical side of MicroClouds, its components and the way it works. In addition, it includes a demo showing how easy it is to deploy MicroClouds.

Introducing MicroCeph

If you are interested in the storage side of MicroClouds, this video is a good place to learn more. It explains what MicroCeph is and how it can be used to setup an HA Ceph cluster easily, avoiding complex configuration that is usually needed.

How-tos and tutorials on the LXD Youtube channel

​MicroClouds use LXD for compute. This means that for running and operating your instances, as well as any other configuration, regular LXD operations apply. The LXD Youtube channel is a great place for tutorials on a variety of topics you may need for operating your cloud.

Case studies,whitepapers and reports

This whitepaper discusses the concept of MicroClouds, a new class of compute for the edge and decentralised environments. It's ideal to gain an understanding of edge computing constraints, values, graphics and use cases.

VMware migration to Ubuntu-based infrastructure

Many VMware users run infrastructure in smaller clusters, with each cluster dedicated to a specific purpose. Canonical's MicroCloud is an ideal fit for these use cases. Learn more about the migration scenarios in this whitepaper.

Blog posts

Minimising latency in your edge cloud with real-time kernel

This blog presents how to enable the Real-time kernel in MicroClouds. It also covers real-time testing, comparing the performance of virtualised and containerised applications leveraging the real-time versus the generic Ubuntu kernel.

Launch your own MicroClouds with one command

In this blog, we go over the new, simplified deployment process for MicroClouds, teaching you to deploy your own cloud with a single command in just a few minutes.

Edge computing is dead, long live MicroClouds and IoT gateways

Are you curious about what all the fuss is about when it comes to edge computing? This blog examines the concept and use cases of edge computing, as well as defining what micro clouds are and where do they fit in that spectrum.

Setting up a secure shared development environment with LXD

If your MicroClouds need to be used by a variety of users, it's good to know how you can share your environment safely, without granting unnecessary privileges to your users. Read more about it in this blog.