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Configuring S3-storage requires that you have a replica set with at least three-nodes deployed and access to S3 storage. If you don’t have a three node replica set read the Managing Units How-To for K8s charm

Once you have a three-node replica set deployed, you can configure your settings for S3. Configurations are managed with the s3-integrator charm. Deploy and configure the s3-integrator charm:

juju deploy s3-integrator
juju run s3-integrator/leader sync-s3-credentials access-key=<access-key-here> secret-key=<secret-key-here>
juju config s3-integrator \
    path="mongodb-vm/demo" \
    region="us-west-2" \

The s3-integrator charm accepts many configurations - enter whatever configurations are necessary for your s3 storage.

To pass these configurations to Charmed MongoDB, relate the two applications:

juju relate s3-integrator mongodb-k8s

You can also update your configuration options after relating:

juju config s3-integrator \

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