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Alex Murray
20 July 2023

Securing open source through CVE prioritisation

Cloud and server Article

According to a recent study, 96% of applications in the enterprise market use open-source software. As the open source landscape becomes more and more fragmented, the task to assess the impact of potential security vulnerabilities for an organisation can become overwhelming. Ubuntu is known as one of the most secure operating systems, but ...

Mohamed Wadie Nsiri
18 July 2023

MySQL high availability made charmingly easy

Charms Article

In a previous blog, we talked about patterns to run a database in a highly available manner.  In this blog, we present our recipe for MySQL high availability. We will also explain how our solution interacts with K8s objects to provide some of its features. Why use MySQL MySQL is the most popular open-source database ...

Bartek Szopka
18 July 2023

Vanilla 4.0 release

Design Article

Last week we released a new major version of the Vanilla framework. Vanilla 4.0 introduces the elements of the new style used for a current rebranding of Canonical’s brochure websites, including typography changes of headings utilising new variable Ubuntu font, wider grid width, removed rounded corners, some updated colours, and updates t ...

Lukas Märdian
18 July 2023

A declarative approach to Linux networking with Netplan

Cloud and server Server

Learn how Netplan simplifies Linux networking by providing a common interface across a range of technology stacks to enable easier administration. ...

Andreea Munteanu
16 July 2023

What does the future of AI hold in store?

AI Article

Eight trends to keep an eye on this Artificial Intelligence Appreciation Day On 16 July the world celebrates International Artificial Appreciation Day. In the previous century, science fiction often covered topics and inventions that are now closer to science fact, such as humanoid robots. In the 50s, artificial intelligence met both grea ...

Hugo Huang
14 July 2023

Ubuntu Pro is now available on Arm VMs on Google Cloud

Cloud and server Article

We are happy to announce that Ubuntu Pro is now available on Arm series Virtual Machines on Google Cloud. You can now launch or upgrade Ubuntu Arm instances to Ubuntu Pro on Google Compute Engine. Arm series Virtual Machines on Google Cloud Renowned for their exceptional performance per watt efficiency, Arm-based chips have become ubiquit ...

Andreea Munteanu
12 July 2023

Large language models (LLMs): what, why, how?

AI Article

Large language models (LLMs) are machine-learning models specialised in understanding natural language. They became famous once ChatGPT was widely adopted around the world, but they have applications beyond chatbots. LLMs are suitable to generate translations or content summaries. This blog will explain large language models (LLMs), inclu ...

Bertrand Boisseau
12 July 2023

How to choose an OS for software development in automotive

Automotive Article

Why companies in automotive prefer Ubuntu Automotive as an industry is constantly looking for ways to improve its processes and efficiency. The one common tool that is at the intersection of all software development activities is the operating system (OS). From advanced simulation tools to new vehicle designs, the OS has to be reliable an ...

11 July 2023

Why you need to protect your confidential virtual machine from itself

Confidential computing Confidential computing

Confidential computing disrupts the traditional threat model by decoupling resource management from data access. It introduces new CPU security extensions like AMD SEV and Intel TDX, providing memory isolation through encryption and hardware access control mechanisms. While confidential computing protects against external threats, it’s im ...

Nathan Hart
10 July 2023

An introduction to smart home business models

Ubuntu Article

Smart homes are changing. A modern smart home typically isn’t a self-contained, set-it-and-forget-it, custom installation. It’s a hyper-connected set of devices that work together to automate and enhance the users’ living space. Today’s smart homes contain devices from many manufacturers, running dozens of protocols, interfacing with mult ...

Andreea Munteanu
6 July 2023

ML Observability: what, why, how

AI Article

Note: This post is co-authored by Simon Aronsson, Senior Engineering Manager for Canonical Observability Stack. AI/ML is moving beyond the experimentation phase. This involves a shift in the way of operating because productising AI involves many sophisticated processes. Machine learning operations (MLOps) is a new practice that ensures ML ...