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Amrisha Prashar
25 August 2016

25 Linux devices to celebrate 25 years of Linux

Desktop Article

Happy 25th birthday Linux. It’s a monumental milestone! Over the years Canonical has been working on putting Linux in the hands of millions of people and worked with various hardware vendors to release over 1000 models of Linux hardware (!) Today we’re celebrating by showcasing 25 Ubuntu devices released over the years from laptop, netboo ...

Amrisha Prashar
23 August 2016

M10 Travel Light winners

Phone and tablet Article

We had an awesome selection of entries for our #TravelLight competition! Given that the M10 tablet can also be your laptop, saving you 1.5kg compared to the average laptop, we asked you… What would you take with you on holiday if you had 1.5kg of extra space in your luggage? Thank you to all those ...

Amrisha Prashar
4 August 2016

How the M10 tablet can save you luggage space

Phone and tablet Article

Heading away for the summer? Looking to fit as much in your suitcase as possible? Well…we have a solution! We didn’t design the M10 tablet to be as light as possible but that’s one of the advantages. The M10 is so versatile that it goes beyond just being your tablet – by connecting it to ...

2 August 2016

The App Design Guides go live (bit by bit)

Desktop Article

The App Design Guides have a new design and content refresh to better communicate the new convergent UI toolkit, and visualise best practice for designers and developer wishing to build an app or scope on Ubuntu. We will be posting these guides over the coming days and weeks. What’s to come… Phase 1 – Get ...

Amrisha Prashar
19 July 2016

Over-The-Air 12: Go Big! Wirelessly connect your tablet

Phone and tablet Article

More updates and improvements! Our latest OTA-12 has just landed and we’re excited that you can now wirelessly connect your M10 tablet to a monitor! This gives users the full Ubuntu PC experience running from your tablet. All the services running from your tablet are now available on the desktop through just a wireless dongle ...

Amrisha Prashar
7 July 2016

The difference an OTA update can make!

Phone and tablet Article

Just over 2 months ago we launched our first convergence device, the Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition tablet with partners BQ. Since then we’re constantly working to evolve the platform to provide better overall performance and speed with our Over-the-Air updates (OTA.) Our OTA updates are released approximately 6-8 weeks apart from each other ...

Amrisha Prashar
4 May 2016

What the community said about the M10 tablet

Phone and tablet Article

More, One, Needs, Life…these were some of the keywords used when we asked you, ‘What your life would look like if all your computing needs fitted into one device.’ With our first tablet that does just this – fit all your computing needs within one device – now available to buy, we wanted to celebrate ...

Alexia Emmanoulopoulou
7 April 2016

infographic: How many people use Ubuntu?

Cloud and server Article

Discover the range of industries, people and services that are using Ubuntu right now. Netflix. Snapchat. Dropbox. Uber. Tesla…and the International space station – what do they all have in common? They run on Ubuntu. To celebrate our upcoming 16.04 LTS we wanted to shine a bit of light on how many people in the ...

Amrisha Prashar
6 April 2016

Phone Update: OTA-10 – New theme and color palette

Phone and tablet Article

We have a summary list of updates made for OTA-10 below! The following apps are now pre-installed by default: Email app (Dekko) Calendar app uNav   General enhancements: New theme and color palette Updated OOBE (Out Of Box Experience – provides a better initial setup experience for new users) Updated Edge tutorial VPN support added ...

Mark Shuttleworth
8 March 2014

The very best edge of all

Ubuntu Design

The bottom edge is the most natural one to use, and Ubuntu has given it to developers to make the most of. Some design guidance establishes a framework for evaluating your creativity, but it leaves a very wide degree of creative freedom and we’re already seeing a load of superb interactions coming to the fore in core and community apps. H ...

16 November 2011

Ubuntu Phone, Tablet and TV – discussion opened

Ubuntu Research

Big thanks to everyone who turned up at the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Orlando to discuss Ubuntu’s future on new devices! Now, following Mark Shuttleworth’s keynote announcement and a number of initial UDS sessions on tablets, TVs and smartphones, we are setting up new channels to pick up the conversation. We’ve got three new mailing list ...