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17 March 2022

How we implemented an interactive Live Demo Box

Design Article

The Vanilla squad recently spent a two week sprint prototyping an interactive live demo box. We were tasked with coming up with a proof of concept, to enable demoing of each variant of our examples dynamically. A few guest developers were able to joined us, which meant four of us were able to dedicate a ...

Paty Davila
30 June 2016

China Launch Sprint – paving the roadmap

Ubuntu Design

Last week I was invited to Beijing to take part in the China Launch Sprint. The focus of the sprint was to identify action items in our product roadmap for the next devices that will ship Ubuntu Touch in the Chinese market later this year. I am a lead UX designer in the product strategy ...

10 December 2015

Helsinki SDK sprint

Ubuntu User Experience

We arrived in Helsinki on Sunday evening, ready to start our week long SDK sprint on Monday. Our hotel was in a nice location, by the sea. The work stuff The SDK is a core part of Ubuntu and provides an array of components and flexibility needed to create applications across staged and windowed form ...

12 June 2015

SDK Convergence Sprint 2015

Ubuntu Design

Last week the SDK team gathered in London for a sprint that focused on convergence, which consisted of pulling apart each component and discussing ways in which each would adapt to different form factors. The SDK provides off-the-shelf UI components that make up our Ubuntu apps; however now we’re entering the world of Unity 8 ...

13 November 2014

Community interview: Victor Thompson and Andrew Hayzen

Ubuntu Featured

Victor and Andrew are two inspiring Community developers that have devoted their spare time to contribute to the Ubuntu Touch Music App team. I sat down with them during the Washington Device Sprint in October where they told us how they drew inspiration from the Design Team, and what drives them to contribute to Ubuntu. ...

31 October 2014

Washington Devices Sprint

Ubuntu Featured

Introducing myself as the new and only content designer in the Design Team, I dived head first into the world of developers, designers and Ubuntu Community members to better understand how open source works, and the passion behind making Ubuntu great. This post features highlights from the sprint and an interview with UX designers Olga ...

Peter Mahnke
6 November 2013

Planning a cathedral at the bazaar

Cloud and server Notes

So I am stretching the metaphor a bit, but I think it accurately explains my experience of the recent cloud sprint in San Francisco. The week starts with some presentations and talks about where we are now and where we want to be from a company, marketplace and product perspective.  This lasts about two hours, ...