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6 May 2024

From sales development to product: Adrian’s career progression at Canonical

Ubuntu Article

From sales development to product: Adrian Matei’s career progression at Canonical ...

25 August 2020

Travel, CLIs, and sticky notes: Lilyana’s life as a Canonical UX designer

People and culture Article

Canonical is the company behind Ubuntu, but who are the people behind Canonical? This blog series is all about getting to know the different employees that make up our company. Lilyana Videnova is a Senior User Experience (UX) Designer who has worked on a wide range of Canonical products. We spoke with Lilyana to find ...

20 July 2020

Employee spotlight: Alice Cambridge, Inside Sales Representative

People and culture Article

Canonical is the company behind Ubuntu, but who are the people behind Canonical? This blog will be the first in a series getting to know some of the different employees that make up our company. We will be talking to people across roles and departments, starting with Alice Cambridge. Alice joined Canonical as a new ...

Christian Reis
24 January 2018

Meltdown, Spectre and Ubuntu: What you need to know

Cloud and server Article

As details of the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities1 have become clearer a number of statements have been published by the multiple vendors affected; Canonical has issued advisories and updates on fixes and mitigations, the latest of which includes a first round of Spectre mitigations. However, most of these statements focus on the mec ...

Alexia Emmanoulopoulou
31 August 2017

Why containers and automation are essential in a world being eaten by software

Cloud and server Webinar

Sign up for our new webinar on containers and automation, to understand the challenges that increasingly complex software brings and how to achieve economically sustainable operations.   ...

Marco Ceppi
17 August 2017

How to set up Kubernetes with conjure-up and monitor apps with Weave

Cloud and server Article

On August 2, Luke Marsden (Weaveworks) and Marco Ceppi (Canonical) presented a webinar on how to Speed up your software development lifecycle with Kubernetes. In the session they described how you can use conjure-up and Weave Cloud to set up, manage and monitor an app in Kubernetes. In this tutorial we’re going to show you ...

20 July 2017

Webinar: Speed up your software development lifecycle using Kubernetes

Cloud and server Webinar

Live webinar 2nd August, 4pm UTC | Your timezone For a complete cloud native application lifecycle Kubernetes needs some tools to “close the loop”. The promise of the new way of doing things, is that you’ll speed up your software delivery with microservices and devops teams. But how should you really do that? Join this ...

Mark Baker
18 July 2017

How modelling helps you avoid getting a stuck OpenStack

Cloud and server Article

Lego model of an Airbus A380-800. Airbus run OpenStack A “StuckStack” is a deployment of OpenStack that usually, for technical but sometimes business reasons, is unable to be upgraded without significant disruption, time and expense. In the last post on this topic we discussed how many of these clouds became stuck and how the decisions ...

Alexia Emmanoulopoulou
28 June 2017

Webinar: How to upgrade your OpenStack cloud easily, without downtime

Cloud and server Article

Live webinar It has become commonplace to see some OpenStack users choose to remain on old unsupported versions of OpenStack, forgoing new features and security updates rather than face the disruption, stress and complexity of upgrading. At Canonical we call this a StuckStack, a cloud that cannot or will not be upgraded. In this webinar ...

Mark Baker
28 June 2017

Stuck Stacks, the 7 year itch and the DevOps dilemma

Cloud and server Article

  7 years in, where do we go from here? It is 7 years since OpenStack came into being. 7 short years comprised of long days and late nights bringing it all together to the point that global businesses such as Walmart, AT&T and Bloomberg are now running on OpenStack. Whilst most OpenStack implementations started ...

Alexia Emmanoulopoulou
20 June 2017

OpenStack and Containers live Q&A session

Cloud and server Article

Join us for a 1 hour online session with a cloud expert OpenStack and Containers Office Hours are online Q&A sessions held on an ongoing basis. Their aim is to help community members and customers deploy, manage and scale their Ubuntu-based cloud infrastructure. What’s covered? These interactive online sessions are hosted by an expert fro ...

Video: Managed OpenStack upgrades

Cloud and server Videos

The process of upgrading OpenStack releases can be challenging, given the many moving parts and the cadence of releases. In this use case video, Juan Carliante, Cloud Reliability Engineer for Canonical explains how Canonical’s BootStack  Engineering team solves issues arising during the upgrade process quickly using Juju, an open-source a ...

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