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Igor Ljubuncic
23 January 2020

Looking for video editing software? The Snap Store has some nice apps for you.

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In the past decade, video has become the most ubiquitous method of communication on the Web. Video clips are used for pretty much anything, from short software tutorials to hours-long live online gaming streaming. In some cases, the use of “moving pictures” might not be the best communication medium, but there is no denying the ...

Igor Ljubuncic
11 April 2019

Make compelling videos with free software: Director’s Cut

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Creating videos is easy. Creating great videos, not so much. A good production starts with an idea, but it also requires talent, time and tools. We cannot do much about the first two, but we sure can give you some nice ideas on the tools you want to make snappy videos. Typically, a video production ...

Martin Wimpress
5 February 2019

Fresh snaps from January 2019

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As we step into the new year we’ve got a collection of applications which crossed our “desk” (Twitter feed) during January 2019. Take a look down the list, and discover something new today. 1. OpenToonz Snapcrafters World-famous Open Source 2D Animation suite, OpenToonz is available as a snap for Linux. Use scanned scenes or create ...