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Blog posts tagged

Andrea Bernabei
8 August 2016

Refreshed scrollbars!

Ubuntu Featured

You may have noticed that the scrollbars available on Ubuntu Touch and the Unity8 environment have recently received a huge overhaul in both visual appearance and user experience. More specifically, we redesigned the Scrollbar component (which is already provided in the Ubuntu UI Toolkit) and added a new ScrollView component that builds o ...

Mark Shuttleworth
3 March 2011

Ayatana overlay scrollbars: something truly Natty

Ubuntu Design

Natty will feature a world first – overlay scrollbars in desktop applications. The goal is to put content first and banish chrome, while still paying attention to the needs of the desktop environment – mouse pointers. These were designed and developed by Canonical as part of the Ayatana initiative, improving both focus and awareness for u ...

3 March 2011

Introducing Overlay Scrollbars in Unity

Ubuntu Design

One of our goals in the Unity design effort is maximising immersion in content, and reducing the amount of chrome and clutter needed around that content. Unity’s new Overlay Scrollbars are a small but important detail in this bigger picture. Problem Today’s scrollbars are optimized for cursor driven UI but they became easily unnecessary a ...