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Sarah Dickinson
11 December 2017 achieves simplicity through snaps

Desktop Article

Switching to snaps, Rocket.Chat has been able to get its product into the hands of users with as few steps as possible, switching a multi-stage set-up process for a single command and instant installation. ...

Amrisha Prashar
3 November 2016

Ubuntu 16.10 brings Unity 8 to desktop and more snap installations

Desktop Article

The recent release of Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety Yak includes a developer preview of Unity 8 for desktop and the installation of snaps! The universal ‘snap’ Linux packages combine both container and packaging technologies to give developers a single format to distribute their apps and services from cloud to personal computing and IoT. Some of t ...

Amrisha Prashar
5 October 2016

Nextcloud Box: The first consumer device to run snaps

Internet of Things Article

Last month saw the release of the Nextcloud box – the first consumer equipment to run snaps! The box is a private cloud and IoT solution for home users, giving consumers a way to take back control over their personal data. It consists of a hard drive, case and is complemented by a Raspberry Pi ...

29 September 2016

The making of the Nextcloud Box

Internet of Things Article

This is a guest post by Jos Poortvliet, Marketing and Communications Manager from Nexcloud. If you would like to contribute a guest post, please contact The story of the Nextcloud box – a feature in our upcoming webinar – learn more here. In 2010, Frank Karlitschek founded the ownCloud project to provide an al ...

Victor Tuson Palau
29 September 2016

I took a circular saw to the Nextcloud box and you won’t believe…

Internet of Things Article

…what happened next! Ok, ok.. sorry for the click-bait headline – but It is mainly true. I recently got a Nextcloud box , it was pretty easy to set up and here are some great instructions. But this box is not just a Nextcloud box, it is a box of unlimited possibilities. In just a ...

Michael Hall
27 September 2016

Snap interview with Rocket.Chat

Cloud and server Article

Snap packaging has been gaining a lot of momentum recently, from desktop apps to cloud services, and everything in between. To learn more about the people and projects that are building snaps Michael Hall, Ubuntu Community Manager, reached out to Aaron Ogle a Core Contributor to the Open Source Project Rocket.Chat. How did you find out ab ...