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  2. Victor Tuson Palau

Victor Tuson Palau

Victor Tuson Palau

15 posts

VP of Commercial Engineering

Leading engineering teams bringing Ubuntu IoT, PC and Phone products to market with manufacturing and software partners.

Victor Tuson Palau
29 September 2016

I took a circular saw to the Nextcloud box and you won’t believe…

Internet of Things Article

…what happened next! Ok, ok.. sorry for the click-bait headline – but It is mainly true. I recently got a Nextcloud box , it was pretty easy to set up and here are some great instructions. But this box is not just a Nextcloud box, it is a box of unlimited possibilities. In just a ...

Victor Tuson Palau
1 August 2013

LastPass backs Ubuntu Edge campaign

Phone and tablet News

The Ubuntu Edge campaign has new backing from LastPass, provider of the leading online secure password management tool. ...

Victor Tuson Palau
29 July 2013

Ubuntu Edge community round-up

Phone and tablet Article

The Ubuntu Edge campaign has seen some great responses since it launched, and we wanted to share a few of the best. Perhaps you can send these round and boost your referrals before the Referral Contest ends on Friday… First up, this fantastic “Ubuntu Edge: Explained” video from tech video blogger Marques Brownlee. It’s already ...

Victor Tuson Palau
26 July 2013

Ubuntu Edge: convergence in action

Desktop Videos

To help make the Ubuntu Edge a reality, visit ...

Victor Tuson Palau
2 July 2013

Differentiation without fragmentation

Phone and tablet Article

When it comes to mobile devices, there’s a thin line between differentiation and fragmentation. Differentiation is enabling phone manufacturers and carriers to put their own stamp not just on the outside of the phone but also on the inside. To stand out against the competition in today’s market, manufacturers and carriers must go beyond t ...

Victor Tuson Palau
21 August 2012

ARM Server Explained

Ubuntu Engineering

You have probably started to notice a continuous buzz around ARM Servers for the last few months: Calxeda (an System on  a Chip maker) presented their solution at UDS-Q. HP announced their moonshot program, which Canonical is playing a key role in Dell also unveiled their ARM Server strategy and the list goes on .. ...

Victor Tuson Palau
25 May 2012

Ubuntu ARM Server AMI on Amazon EC2

Ubuntu Engineering

Have you been wondering if your Web application will work with the new generation of Hyperdense ARM Servers? Now you can easily find out by using Ubuntu and Amazon Web Services. For over 4 years, Canonical has been supporting Linux on ARM. Ubuntu Server 12.04 is our first Long Term Support on ARM. As a ...

Victor Tuson Palau
7 March 2012

Improving Hardware Support in Ubuntu

Ubuntu Engineering

Anthony Wong, Project Technical Lead at Canonical, presented our process for improving hardware support in Ubuntu at our 2011 Hardware Summit.  He did such a good job that I asked him to distill the essence of his presentation into a blog post. This is what he had to say: Ubuntu has always been dedicated to ...

Victor Tuson Palau
19 January 2012

Ubuntu Certification – Website Improvements

Ubuntu Partners

The Ubuntu Certification Website has just got better. We have roll-out improvements to how we list systems and provided a powerful search feature. We want to ensure that you get as quick as possible to the information that you need. As part of the Certification website, we provide a feedback mechanism through Launchpad Answers. Over ...

Victor Tuson Palau
9 December 2011


Ubuntu Engineering

Coinciding with the 2011 Ubuntu Hardware Summit, we are launching a new portal aimed to help engineers at device manufacturers shipping Ubuntu systems: The Ubuntu community is great. It provides users and developers with lots and lots of useful information. This means that sometimes finding the right informationfor you can ...

Victor Tuson Palau
28 October 2011

White Paper: Secure Boot impact on Linux

Ubuntu Engineering

Last month Steven Sinofsky from Microsoft announced new requirements for manufacturers wanting to ship Windows 8 systems, including a feature called “Secure Boot”. Canonical, together with Red Hat, today publishes a white paper highlighting the implications of these requirements for users and manufacturers. The paper also provides recomme ...

Victor Tuson Palau
18 October 2011

Ubuntu 11.10 on ARM

Ubuntu Server

I have been using Ubuntu 11.10 on ARM now for a couple of days and I have to say: It is great! Ubuntu has had a long history of supporting ARM Systems on a Chip (SoC) since 2008, but Ubuntu 11.10 is a significant milestone. Introducing.. Ubuntu Server on ARM – Technology Preview Canonical announced ...

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