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Blog posts tagged

Alex Cattle
26 March 2020

How Domotz streamlined provisioning of IoT devices

Internet of Things Case study

As the number of IoT devices scale, the challenges of provisioning and keeping them up to date in the field increases. Domotz, who manufacture an all-in-one, network monitoring and management device for enterprise IoT networks, found themselves with this challenge that was further compounded by their rapid software release cadence. One of ...

Andres Rodriguez
9 July 2019

MAAS 2.6 – ESXi storage, multiple gateways, HTTP boot and more

Cloud and server Article

Canonical is happy to announce the availability of MAAS 2.6. This new release introduces a range of very exciting features and several improvements that enhances MAAS across various areas. Let’s talk about a few notable ones: Growing support for ESXi Datastores MAAS has expanded its support of ESXi by allowing administrators to create & c ...

1 December 2017

Introduction to MAAS: building the agile data centre

Cloud and server Webinar

As more and more applications move to the public cloud, many wonder if it still makes sense to maintain a data centre apart from regulated workloads. In this presentation Andres Rodriguez, MAAS engineering manager, will look into how devops and infrastructure managers can build an agile data centre with a developer agility and a cost ...

21 November 2017

MAAS 2.3.0 (final) Released!

Cloud and server Article

This article originally appeared on Andres Rodriguez’s blog I’m happy to announce that MAAS 2.3.0 (final) is now available! This new MAAS release introduces a set of exciting features and improvements to the overall user experience. It now becomes the focus of maintenance, as it fully replaces MAAS 2.2 In order to provide with sufficient ...

5 October 2017

MAAS 2.3.0 beta 1 released

Canonical announcements Article

MAAS 2.3.0 (beta1)New Features & ImprovementsHardware TestingMAAS 2.3 beta overhauls and improves the visibility of hardware test results and information. This includes various changes across MAAS:Machine Listing pageSurface progress and failures of hardware tests, actively showing when a test is pending, running, successful or failed.Mac ...

22 August 2017

MAAS 2.3.0 Alpha 2 Released!

Cloud and server Article

Hello MAASters!I’m happy to annouce that MAAS 2.3.0 Alpha 2 has now been released and it is currently available in Ubuntu Artful, PPA for Xenial and as a snap.PPA AvailabilityFor those running Ubuntu Xenial and would like to use Alpha 1, please use the following PPA:Snap AvailabilityFor those running from the snap, or would like to test t ...

James Donner
3 April 2017

Cloud Chatter: March 2017

Cloud and server Article

Our March edition is packed with exciting content. We begin with our recent announcement of Ubuntu 12.04 Extended Security Maintenance providing ongoing security updates for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS at least another year. Download our latest ‘Carrier Cloudification’ eBook, or join our upcoming webinars on OpenStack, Containers, GPUs/Deep Learning ...

Alexia Emmanoulopoulou
27 March 2017

Video tutorial: learn how to install MAAS

Cloud and server Videos

This short video offers step-by-step instructions on how to install MAAS (Metal as a Service) to your machine. Before you start you’ll need: One small server for MAAS and at least one server which can be managed with a BMC. It is recommended to have the MAAS server provide DHCP and DNS on a network the ...

James Donner
3 March 2017

Cloud Chatter: February 2017

Cloud and server Article

Our February edition is packed with great content! We kick off with explaining why software-defined everything matters and give you a recap of Mobile World Congress. Download our latest whitepaper on containers, or join our upcoming webinars on OpenStack, Containers and MAAS. We’ve also included a fantastic host of tutorials for getting s ...

2 March 2017

Bare metal server provisioning series: the economics of automation

Cloud and server Article

This is the first in a series of blogs posts discussing the value of bare metal server provisioning and the economics it can bring to businesses. The server industry is becoming more and more automated. Robots are helping to deploy servers and clouds that are moving away from large racks of blades and hardware managed ...

22 February 2017

Webinar: Get cloud-ready servers in minutes with MAAS

Cloud and server Webinar

Learn how to take full advantage of existing hardware investments by maximising hardware efficiency. This live webinar was broadcasted on Wednesday 15th Mach 2017. Watch it on-demand now. Data center operators are quickly becoming more automated and need to have the flexibility to leverage their hardware infrastructure more efficiently. C ...

23 January 2017

What IT pros need to know about server provisioning

Cloud and server White paper

Big Software, IoT and Big Data are changing how organisations are architecting, deploying, and managing their infrastructure. Traditional models are being challenged and replaced by software solutions that are deployed across many environments and many servers. However, no matter what infrastructure you have, there are bare metal servers ...

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