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Blog posts tagged
"Natty Narwhal"

1 April 2011

Narwhal spotted at Lambeth Bridge

Ubuntu Article

We always knew Google Maps was good! Google Maps did prove its accuracy; when we looked out of the window from the 27th floor down towards Lambeth Bridge there was indeed a visitor! ...

Mark Shuttleworth
3 March 2011

Ayatana overlay scrollbars: something truly Natty

Ubuntu Design

Natty will feature a world first – overlay scrollbars in desktop applications. The goal is to put content first and banish chrome, while still paying attention to the needs of the desktop environment – mouse pointers. These were designed and developed by Canonical as part of the Ayatana initiative, improving both focus and awareness for u ...

3 March 2011

Introducing Overlay Scrollbars in Unity

Ubuntu Design

One of our goals in the Unity design effort is maximising immersion in content, and reducing the amount of chrome and clutter needed around that content. Unity’s new Overlay Scrollbars are a small but important detail in this bigger picture. Problem Today’s scrollbars are optimized for cursor driven UI but they became easily unnecessary a ...

26 January 2011

The Natty Wallpaper contest – an important update!

Ubuntu Article

Two weeks into our wallpaper contest we’re seeing lots of really interesting entries for the photographic part. As those of you who read the previous post about the contest will know we’re also reserving at least three places this release for non photographic wallpapers. The plan _was_ to use another site to manage these entries. ...

13 January 2011

Bright, light and beautiful!

Ubuntu Design

That’s what we want the Ubuntu desktops in Natty to feel like. We’re changing things a little bit for the coming release too. We’ll still feature some fantastic photography sourced from our Flickr group but this time we’re reserving at least 3 places for non photographic wallpapers, so things that are rendered or drawn. The ...

26 November 2010

Papercuts: Litmus test

Ubuntu Development

Papercuts Natty cycle depends on you!What’s new this cycle and How you can get involved. ...

Marcus Haslam
1 October 2010

New t-shirts

Ubuntu Notes

The new Maverick Meerkat and Natty Narwhal t-shirt delivery came in this morning, looking tip top I have to say. Check out the MM on the shop site in mens and ladies styles. For Natty you’ll just have to wait ’til UDS Im afraid. ...