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Rajan Patel
13 September 2023

Deploy fully configured VMs in minutes on Google Cloud, using gcloud CLI and cloud-init

Cloud and server Article

Make reusable deployment templates for Landscape and other applications ...

Rajan Patel
8 September 2023

Manage FIPS-enabled Linux machines at scale with Landscape 23.03

Cloud and server Article

You or your organisation are tasked with hardening your workstations and servers, where do you begin? Installing Ubuntu and applying all the security patches is a good place to start, but what else is needed? The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), a cybersecurity agency established in 1988, has published a series of se ...

4 April 2023

Canonical releases Landscape 23.03, delivering simplified licensing through Ubuntu Pro

Ubuntu Article

Landscape 23.03 manages all versions from Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) onwards April 4th, 2023, London, UK: Canonical announced the release of Landscape 23.03 with broader CPU architecture compatibility, and improved management and monitoring capabilities for Ubuntu. Landscape 23.03 manages all Ubuntu versions and derivatives from Ubun ...

Oliver Smith
3 April 2023

Closing the digital divide with Compudopt and Ubuntu Desktop

Desktop Article

A technical deep-dive into how Compudopt uses Ubuntu Desktop to resurrect older hardware and empower youth and their communities. ...

Rajan Patel
1 March 2023

Create stop motion animation with Dragonframe on Ubuntu

Ceph Desktop

Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio was animated using Dragonframe, opening the door for incredible stop motion visual effects. Anyone inspired by the techniques used in Pinocchio can make an animated movie using their iOS or Android device’s camera, connected to Dragonframe running on Ubuntu. Professional animators could go one step further a ...

Rajan Patel
9 February 2023

3 ways to apply security patches in Linux

Cloud and server Server

There are 3 approaches to applying security patches in Linux: manual patching, via package managers, and automatic updates. If you need security patching that can be automated at scale, and audited on the fly with on-demand reports, Landscape has your bases covered. ...

Rajan Patel
21 December 2022

Manage Debian, Ubuntu, and derivative Linux distributions with Landscape Scripts

Cloud and server Server

The fastest path towards Linux server management at scale is to leverage technology system administrators know. It is now possible to manage your Debian Bullseye machines with Landscape. ...

Rajan Patel
20 October 2022

Landscape beta: test the Landscape Server migration to Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Cloud and server Article

The new Landscape beta makes it easier than ever to administer your entire Ubuntu estate across any architecture, from amd64, riscv, to arm64. Landscape beta’s charms have been rewritten in Juju’s new operator framework, and offer high availability in 3 simple steps. ...

20 October 2022

Canonical releases Ubuntu 22.10 Kinetic Kudu

Cloud and server Article

Ubuntu 22.10 improves the experience of IT administrators and enterprise developers with a particular focus on the IoT ecosystem. ...

Rajan Patel
28 February 2022

An overview of live kernel patching

Cloud and server Article

Learn how Canonical improves security on Linux with live kernel patching. Track Livepatch activity over time in Landscape. ...

Rajan Patel
21 February 2022

Monitor Ubuntu Advantage FIPS configurations

Security Article

There are multiple ways to enable, manage, and monitor FIPS on Ubuntu. You can use the UA Client to enable FIPS, and configure Landscape to audit FIPS configurations in your entire Ubuntu estate. ...

Rajan Patel
8 February 2022

Planning phased Ubuntu 22.04 Enterprise Desktop upgrades with Landscape

Desktop Desktop

Comply with release management and change management policies by controlling enterprise Ubuntu Desktop upgrades with Landscape ...

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