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on 1 May 2024

With 12 years of support, Landscape 24.04 LTS adds snap and repository management controls to a modernised systems management web portal and API.

Screenshot of the new Landscape Dashboard

London, 30 April 2024.

Today Canonical announced the availability of Landscape’s first LTS release. Landscape 24.04 LTS features a new versioned API, a new web portal with accessibility and performance in mind, and intuitive controls for software distribution. Landscape 24.04 LTS comprises Landscape Server and Landscape Client. With a modernised backend and web portal in place, engineering teams can work efficiently, focusing on patches and new features.

Predictable release cadence and 12 years of support for LTS versions

Building on Canonical’s commitment to reliability, Landscape releases going forward will align with Ubuntu LTS and interim releases for predictable security coverage, feature patches, and bug fixes.

Landscape Server 24.04 can be installed on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and Ubuntu 24.04 LTS releases with Ubuntu Pro. Landscape Server 24.04 is compatible with the previous four Ubuntu LTS releases (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS onwards), and will manage future Ubuntu releases including Ubuntu 26.04 LTS.

Like Ubuntu 24.04 LTS, this Landscape release gets a 12 year commitment for security maintenance and support. Landscape 24.04 LTS will get five years of bug fixes and incremental feature patches until August 2029. Ubuntu Pro subscribers can continue using Landscape 24.04 LTS after these 5 years for a total of 12 years, with the Legacy Support add-on.

A new web portal built with Canonical’s Vanilla Framework

Vanilla Framework provides consistent and uniform design patterns across Canonical’s products. Landscape joins MAAS, LXD UI, and others with a responsive React JS driven user interface. This web portal is built using a new versioned API serving JSON data. This API enhancement ensures seamless integration for developers, offering a forward-looking assurance that applications developed with a particular API version will remain robust and reliable, regardless of future updates to Landscape and its accompanying API endpoints.

The Monitoring feature from the legacy Landscape web portal has not yet been migrated to Landscape 24.04 LTS, yet. Monitoring will arrive as an incremental patch for Landscape 24.04 LTS with a modern charting library, a monitoring API, and companion documentation.

Lastly, the web portal provides a significant improvement in Lighthouse scores for Accessibility. The dashboard’s accessibility scores as measured by Lighthouse improved from 70% to 95%. Landscape 24.04 LTS has a web portal which is accessible to users with deficiencies in colour vision, complete colour blindness, and other visual impairments.

Save terabytes in storage and bandwidth with point-in-time repository snapshots

An overview of the repository management experience in the new Landscape web portal.

Landscape’s new web portal includes an intuitive point-and-click repository mirroring experience, and the repository snapshot service is available as a source when mirroring repositories. In late 2023, Canonical became the first Linux provider to integrate a repository snapshot service with Microsoft Azure’s update mechanisms. Landscape 24.04 LTS brings this simplified and safe deployment practice capability on-premises, and to mixed and hybrid cloud environments.

Benefits of Landscape’s repository snapshot service include predictable updates, consistency across deployments, and simplified repository mirroring, providing improved resilience and security for Ubuntu workloads.

Beyond the conveniences afforded to system administrators, the repository snapshots implementation also saves over 100 terabytes of disk space and network throughput, for organisations making complete repository mirrors every week. Canonical’s on-demand repository snapshot capability extends back to February 2023 for non-ESM (Expanded Security Maintenance) repositories. This innovation frees storage and network resources, because scheduled mirroring and archival of these mirrors becomes unnecessary.

Snap management for Ubuntu and Ubuntu Core

Beyond managing Ubuntu interim and LTS releases, Landscape 24.04 LTS also manages Ubuntu Core, Canonical’s snap based, immutable and strictly-confined operating system. A strictly confined Landscape Client snap package provides snap package management, remote script execution, monitoring and inventory capabilities to Ubuntu, for anyone interested in consuming the latest Landscape Client as a snap package.

Snap management capabilities also exist in the Landscape Client Debian package, available in the Main repository for Ubuntu 24.04 LTS, and in ppa:landscape/self-hosted-24.04 for previous versions of Ubuntu.

Distribution of updated snap revisions is controlled through the Snap Store, which organisations can self-host as a snap store proxy, or as a brand store if there is a need to distribute proprietary non-public snaps within the organisation. Snap management in Landscape 24.04 LTS can add, remove, update, and pause updates from Snap Store, snap store proxy, and brand stores.

Landscape has historically provided fine grained management of Debian packages installed through the apt package manager. With Landscape 24.04 LTS, similar management capabilities arrive for snap packages, with consideration for revisions and channels, which are specific to the snap ecosystem. By default, snap packages self-update through transactional over-the-air updates, and have the ability to rollback automatically if the upgrade fails. Organisations and individuals interested in uniformity across machines can pin revisions of a snap to machines, and ensure consistency between machines that must be uniformly configured.

Next steps

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