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Blog posts tagged
"juju resource"

Alex Cattle
6 November 2019

Yahoo! Japan builds their IaaS environment with Canonical

Cloud and server Article

Yahoo! Japan, originally formed as a joint venture between Yahoo! and SoftBank, is one of the most popular internet advertising, search engines and e-commerce sites in the country and employs over 6000 people. Due to having such scale and volume of users, Yahoo! Japan required outside help to build their IaaS (infrastructure as a service) ...

Camille Rodriguez
17 October 2019

Kubernetes on a single machine

Cloud and server Article

As developers, we do not always have access to a production-like environment to test new features and run proof-of-concepts. This is why it can be very interesting to deploy Kubernetes on a single machine. Of course, there is the new microk8s snap that allows a super fast deployment of a k8s cluster on a laptop ...

Tytus Kurek
16 October 2019

Ansible vs Terraform vs Juju: Competition or cooperation?

DevOps Article

Ansible vs Terraform vs Juju vs Chef vs SaltStack vs Puppet vs CloudFormation – there are so many tools available out there. What are these tools? Do I need all of them? Are they competing with each other or cooperating? The answer is not really straightforward. It usually depends on your needs and the particular ...

Tytus Kurek
6 August 2019

Declarative vs Imperative: DevOps done right

Cloud and server Article

Deciding whether to automate workloads, while designing your ICT infrastructure, is trivial. It’s 2019 and automation is everywhere around. However, deciding which DevOps paradigm to choose and which tool to use, may not be that obvious. In order to assist you with the ‘declarative vs imperative’ decision-making process, this blog briefly ...

Alex Cattle
6 December 2018

How to harness big data for maximum business value

Canonical announcements Article

Are you getting maximum value from your big data? Despite most businesses understanding the power and competitive advantage they could gain from harnessing their big data more effectively and leveraging it more efficiently, it’s not an easy goal to achieve. That’s why we’ve partnered with Spicule to co-present, ‘How to harness big data fo ...

Michael Iatrou
5 December 2018

Minimum viable Kubernetes

Cloud and server Article

The appeal of Kubernetes is universal. Application development, operations and infrastructure teams recognise diverse reasons for its immediate utility and growing potential — a testament of Kubernetes’ empathetic design. Web apps, galvanised by the 12 factor pattern as well as microservice-structured applications find a native habitat in ...

Simon Fels
29 November 2018

Running Android in the Cloud with Amazon EC2 A1 instances

Cloud and server Article

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced the availability of their new Amazon EC2 A1 instances powered by custom AWS Graviton processors based on the Arm architecture, which brings Arm to the public cloud as a first class citizen. Arm based processors provide a number of benefits in terms of density and power-consumption which ultimately resul ...

James Nunns
12 November 2018

Using Juju to manage evolving complex software

Cloud and server Article

With developers increasingly moving towards microservices – and with the growing prevalence of the cloud as the default platform – software has become more complex than ever. While installing all of the interconnected applications that make up a modern software stack is becoming easier, the real sting in the tail comes on day two and ...

9 November 2018

Making sense of your big data

Cloud and server Article

Canonical and Spicule have joined forces to bring your business a better option for open source big data and streaming analytics. You can learn more about us at some of our upcoming events – read on to find out more. Or, jump right in and get started using JAAS to deploy a fully supported Hadoop ...

Kevin W Monroe
23 August 2018

The Road to Kubernetes & vSphere Integration

Cloud and server Article

This article on Kubernetes & vSphere integration originally appeared at Kevin Monroe’s blog Background Recently, Juju began supporting cloud-native features via “integrator” charms (e.g.: aws-integrator, gcp-integrator, openstack-integrator). These allow charms to request things like persistent storage from a cloud provider without having ...

17 July 2018

How to Manage Multi-Cloud Services with Juju

Cloud and server Article

Introduction Managing a service with deployments in multi-cloud environments can be a challenge in terms of troubleshooting and scalability due to the complexity of dealing with different public cloud providers. An effective way to manage services deployed cross-cloud is to use tools that allow you to define your service once and deploy a ...

Kevin W Monroe
16 January 2018

Monitor your Kubernetes Cluster

Cloud and server Article

This article originally appeared on Kevin Monroe’s blog Keeping an eye on logs and metrics is a necessary evil for cluster admins. The benefits are clear: metrics help you set reasonable performance goals, while log analysis can uncover issues that impact your workloads. The hard part, however, is getting a slew of applications to work ...