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Simon Fels

Simon Fels

3 posts

Engineering Manager

Simon works as an Engineering Manager at Canonical and is leading the Anbox Cloud team, delivering a software stack to run Android at high scale in any cloud.

Simon Fels
20 March 2024

Implementing an Android™ based cloud game streaming service with Anbox Cloud

Cloud and server Article

Since the outset, Anbox Cloud was developed with a variety of use cases for running Android at scale. Cloud gaming, more specifically for casual games as found on most user’s mobile devices, is the most prominent one and growing in popularity. Enterprises are challenged to find a solution that can keep up with the increasing ...

Simon Fels
21 March 2022

GDC 2022: Cloud gaming powered by Anbox Cloud

Ubuntu Article

At GDC 2022 Arm, Ampere Computing and Canonical will present a live talk accompanied by a cloud gaming demo built on top of Ampere Altra powered servers running Anbox Cloud providing a cloud gaming service visitors can try live in the Arm booth #S756 Anbox Cloud was built use case agnostic, but cloud gaming has ...

Simon Fels
29 November 2018

Running Android in the Cloud with Amazon EC2 A1 instances

Cloud and server Article

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced the availability of their new Amazon EC2 A1 instances powered by custom AWS Graviton processors based on the Arm architecture, which brings Arm to the public cloud as a first class citizen. Arm based processors provide a number of benefits in terms of density and power-consumption which ultimately resul ...