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22 August 2011

History of the Alphabet (Hebrew, Greek, Cyrillic, Latin, Arabic)

Ubuntu Design

The BBC just put up a five-minute audio slideshow “The story of how we got our alphabets” about the development of western writing, starting in 3,000 BC in Mesopotamia with various attempts at proto-writing systems and then Cuneiform script. It shows the history of the alphabet, stemming from the Phoenician alphabet and continuing to the ...

4 January 2011

Hebrew and Arabic on track

Ubuntu Design

Although I haven’t posted much recently we have still been working away. Besides the latest update to Version 0.7 of the core fonts, which posed some technical challenges, we have now finalised the Hebrew Regular and are making good tracks with the Arabic. You may remember the earlier post on the subject of the Hebrew ...

23 September 2010

Intial Hebrew trials

Cloud and server Article

The Ubuntu project is going full speed. We have started intial work on the Hebrew and would like to share a few thoughts with you. This PDF illustrates how we arrived at some of the basic proportions. Pages 1 to 5 deal with the proportional relationship of the Hebrew height against the Latin x- and ...