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26 October 2021

In defence of pet servers

Apps Article

We all know the drill by now: modern compute infrastructure needs to be deterministic, disposable, commoditised and repeatable. We’re all farmers now, and our server estates must be treated like cattle – ready for slaughter at a moment’s notice. However, we must remember that the driver behind the new design rationale is primarily the unr ...

5 February 2021

Portainer recommends MicroK8s for effortless deployment

Kubernetes Article

Learn how MicroK8s enables for the fastest and easiest deployment of container management tool Portainer. ...

7 September 2020

How Canonical remotely delivers and supports customer cloud deployments

Cloud and server Article

The widespread shift to remote working in response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been a disruptive change for countless businesses; some 13% of organisations say they have faced major disruption (1). But at Canonical, remote working has long been the status quo for many of our teams. In spite of the challenging circumstances in which ...

22 April 2020

A guide to a successful OpenStack adoption and deployment

Cloud and server Article

Discover Canonical’s proven OpenStack implementation process OpenStack is one of the most active open source projects in the world. It is an essential component of private cloud infrastructure for countless businesses, and over the last few years, it has evolved to become the de-facto standard for implementing cloud computing platforms. Y ...

25 September 2019

Deploying Kubernetes Locally – MicroK8s

Kubernetes Article

This is the second part of our introduction to MicroK8s. In the previous blog, we introduced MicroK8s, went over some K8s basic concepts and showed you how fast and easy it is to install Kubernetes with MicroK8s — it’s up in under 60 seconds with a one-liner command. In this blog, we dive deeper to ...

16 September 2019

Introduction to MicroK8s

Cloud and server Article

Every developer, systems admin and tech enthusiast is interested in learning Kubernetes. Kubernetes is a complex container orchestration tool that can be overwhelming for beginners. Kubernetes has been the buzzword in the tech industry and for good reason. If you’re itching to get started with Kubernetes and not looking forward to the com ...

Andres Rodriguez
12 August 2019

Provisioning ESXi with MAAS: An overview

Cloud and server Article

MAAS has supported provisioning ESXi starting from MAAS 2.5. However, MAAS 2.6 has expanded its support and provides new features that significantly improves the provisioning experience. What is supported? The support MAAS provides for provisioning an operating system varies depending on the operating system in use. Even though MAAS tries ...

Stephan Fabel
13 August 2018

Deploying Kubernetes on Public Clouds is hard – or is it?

Cloud and server Article

Automate your Kubernetes deployments on AWS, Azure, and Google Recently, there’s been talk about how Kubernetes has become hard to deploy and run on virtual substrates such as those offered by the public clouds. Indeed, the cloud-specific quirks around infrastructure provisioning, including storage, networking assets such as load balancer ...

5 April 2018

Cloud-init v.18.2: CLI subcommands

Cloud and server Article

This article originally appeared on Chad Smith’s blog Cloud-init published its second release of 2018: version 18.2. Among many notable features in the 18.1 release and the 18.2 release, the cloud-init team has been adding some polish to our CLI tooling to make cloud-init easier to inspect and interact with. I will give a run ...

31 October 2017

Juju GUI: get your users started with

Cloud and server Article

Help your users get started with your solution by providing them the first steps in using your newly deployed bundle or charm. The latest release of the Juju GUI now displays a rendered markdown file to the user after deploying a bundle or charm with a file. Adding this functionality to your bundle deployments ...

Christian Reis
8 September 2016

MAAS 2.0: high availability API-driven bare metal provisioning

Cloud and server Article

This week, the result of over a year of work by our engineering team is concluded: the final release of MAAS 2.0 is now available for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, and additionally from our stable release PPA. If you’ve never heard of MAAS before, here’s an introductory slide deck from a recent presentation at the OCP ...

24 July 2013

Could your startup use some cloud magic?

Cloud and server Article

As a small startup, it’s frustrating to watch the big companies pushing code to production multiple times a day. In an ideal world we’d all be able to continuously deploy, but few startups have the time or skills required. That’s where we’d like to help. We’re looking to collaborate with startups in building a best-in-class ...

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