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Blog posts tagged
"canonical kubernetes"

Michael C. Jaeger
9 November 2023

Turbocharge your API and microservice delivery on MicroK8s with Microcks

Ubuntu Article

Give Microcks on MicroK8s a try and experience the benefits of accelerated development cycles and robust testing. ...

Stone Preston
7 June 2022

The Kubernetes Autoscaler Charm

Kubernetes Article

Managing a Kubernetes cluster is a complex endeavor. As demands on a cluster grow, increasing the number of deployed pods can help ease the load on the system. But what do you do when you run out of nodes to host those pods, or when the load decreases and some nodes are no longer needed? ...

Alex Chalkias
4 May 2022

Canonical´╗┐ Kubernetes 1.24 is now generally available

Kubernetes Article

We consistently follow the upstream release cadence to provide our users and customers with the latest improvements and fixes, together with security maintenance and enterprise support for Kubernetes on Ubuntu.  This blog is a quick overview of the latest development highlights that are made available in Canonical Kubernetes 1.24 as well ...