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Blog posts tagged
"app design guides"

4 August 2016

App Design Guides phase 2 release: Patterns

Ubuntu Featured

Last week we released phase 1 of the new App Design Guides, which included Get started and Building blocks. Now we have just released phase 2: Patterns. This includes handy guidance on gestures, navigation and layout possibilities to provide a great user experience in your app. Navigation: user journeys Find guidance for utilizing compone ...

11 May 2016

App design guide to go live (bit by bit)

Ubuntu Featured

In the coming months we will be rolling out the new app design guidelines, which will give you the latest toolkit best practices and patterns so you can make your own convergent app for Ubuntu. Why do we need design guidelines? The guidelines are a big part of communicating design practices and philosophy to the ...

25 June 2013

Latest design guides

Ubuntu User Experience

It’s been a while since our last update to the app design guides so I thought it was about time I shared the latest additions to this growing resource. Screen sizes A brief intro to the framework we use for designing for a scalable OS – the grid unit. With a link directly to a more detailed ...

13 March 2013

App patterns explained : navigation

Ubuntu Notes

When we design an app, we consider the different types of information we are communicating and their relationships to one another. This helps us establish what content is of equal importance, what we want to be able to do with it, what is a detailed view of something else and so on. We use three ...

13 February 2013

Announcing the App Design Guides

Ubuntu User Experience

We’re very excited to have just released the first version of the App Design Guides, the go-to destination to design and build beautiful and usable apps for Ubuntu on phones! There is also a very handy Ubuntu user interface toolkit preview for developers. We believe technology should be available to everyone. Going mobile is a big ...