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Maciej Mazur
on 1 September 2021

Open source telecom quarterly – new format

Scale and complexity brings similar challenges, big or small. Hybrid cloud, public cloud, on-prem only large datacenter or highly distributed infrastructure are all on the radar of telecom service providers. In order to meet any current or future use-cases, from OpenRAN, next generation Core (5G and beyond) or AI at the edge you need to stay up to date with the latest technology. Most of them are now coming from the open source world and as Canonical we want to make it consumable for enterprises. In this podcast/videocast you will learn the latest news from telecom space, with experts’ commentary and explanation so that you can efficiently drive innovation in your company.

We are working on multiple projects with our customers and want to bring some insights to the wider community. It’s also an opportunity to get your questions answered, feel free to post them on our social media with hashtag #opensourcetelco .

Cloud native telco

First edition of this series will be voiced by Maciej Mazur – Telco Products Manager, and Arno Van Huysteen – Telco Field CTO. We are going to dicuss how opens source tools impact the telecom world, focusing on technologies you can find on this picture :

Open source telecom infrastructure

Next episodes will drill into details of particular parts of the stack and commentary on latest news from the market.

How to watch ?

Event will happen on Friday, 3rd of September 15:00 BST and you can watch it on:



and Twitch:

Recording of the session will be uploaded later so that you can watch it online.

If you want to read more about our solutions already please check

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