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Serdar Vural
on 22 September 2023

India Mobile Congress (IMC) is the largest telecom, media, and technology forum in Asia, jointly organised by India’s Department of Telecommunications and the country’s Cellular Operators Association. It is also the biggest networking event in India, establishing itself as a showcase of innovation, technology and digital transformation.

Canonical is excited to participate in this year’s IMC event in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, on 27-29 October.

Telecommunications is a key sector for Canonical. Our open source building blocks and solutions for the telecom industry address the needs of operators, system integrators, software and hardware vendors, and enterprises. 

Make sure to visit our booth and speak to us to learn more about how we can help you with your open source telco needs.

Hot topics

You probably know Canonical for publishing the most popular Linux operating system:  Ubuntu. 

Our telco solutions are built with the same philosophy as Ubuntu:  secure, trusted, and production-grade open source backed by  full operations support. 

At this year’s IMC, our experts will introduce you to our open source software products for  telco and how they can help you build modern telco infrastructure and applications. We will cover a range of topics that will interest you, whether you are an operator, a systems integrator, a hardware or software vendor, a developer, or simply a technology enthusiast. 

Here are the topics we will cover at the event.

Low-cost and enterprise-grade 5G telecom infrastructure

Telco operators and system integrators look for ways to build systems that are production-grade and at the same time cost-effective. Especially with the increasing adoption of network function virtualisation in telco, and the emergence of 5G mobile communications systems that rely on it, the market needs efficient and low-cost enterprise-grade virtualisation infrastructure solutions more than ever.

With that in mind, Canonical’s strategy is to deliver open source infrastructure software products as building blocks to deliver effective telco solutions tailored for the needs of our telco customers. At IMC 2023, we will highlight our wide range of open source infrastructure solutions.

Highly-performant and reliable solutions at the edge

Performance has always been one of the most important goals of telco infrastructure. To achieve the ever-increasing customer SLA requirements, operators increasingly deploy edge clouds closer to their customers. Multi-access edge (MEC) applications running business workloads and operational software benefit from running close to devices and end users. The emergence of Open RAN technologies also requires a more effective cloud infrastructure fit for the network edge.

Canonical’s mission is to deliver secure and reliable infrastructure built with trusted open source technologies, optimised for effective edge computing. At IMC 2023, you will learn more about our telco edge solutions and discover how open source meets high performance.

Secure and compliant open source applications 

Security for telecom infrastructure is a central need – it is part of the critical national infrastructure in every country. Telco systems must comply with various security standards and frameworks  to be robust and be able to withstand the latest threats. We recognise these needs, and make them our highest priority in our telco solutions. 

Our solutions are supported by the most comprehensive security coverage for open source delivered to you by Canonical with Ubuntu Pro.

We deliver secure and supported telco applications with automated lifecycle management. At IMC 2023, we will explain how your applications can be safeguarded against common vulnerability exposures and comply with standards.

A full ecosystem of open source solutions

Our open source products and solutions are fit for purpose in the telco ecosystem, enabling the needs for secure, trusted, flexible, optimised, automated, and user-friendly operations. 

Operators can achieve the cost reduction they need, with the performance and scalability goals they seek. System integrators can find all the building blocks they need for an efficient, highly-performant, inter-operable, and modular infrastructure. Vendors can find the ideal runtime environments and toolsets for their hardware and software solutions, providing them with fast market reach and a competitive advantage when their solutions are certified for Ubuntu.


Our expert speakers will participate in panel sessions to discuss some of the latest technology trends in telco. Don’t miss out and join our panel sessions to learn more:

  • Open RAN: Does it hold answers to the evolving telecom landscape
  • Affordability, accessibility and advancement in devices: Key to 5G adoption
  • Monetising connectivity: Network as a Service for seamless business growth
  • Harnessing automation and AI: Empowering the networks of tomorrow
  • Edge and beyond: Data centres redefined


Canonical will show some examples of how we can deliver a highly-performant solution targeted at edge compute and Open RAN use cases. 

The demo will showcase a full deployment sequence of an edge cloud with our open source solutions. You will have the chance to see bare-metal provisioning with MAAS, Ubuntu deployment, and then the setup and configuration of an edge cloud powered by MicroCloud and MicroK8s.

We will also have some exciting AI/ML use cases at the booth for you to check out.

Looking forward to seeing you all at India Mobile Congress 2023. Meet us to discuss your telco needs at this exciting event.

Contact us

Canonical provides a full stack for your telecom infrastructure. To learn more about our telco solutions, visit our webpage at

If you also would like to learn more about Ubuntu Pro’s security features for telco, you can watch our webinar and read our blog.

For more information on real-time kernel with Ubuntu Pro in telco, check out our blog post, and contact us for your real-time kernel needs in your telco business today.

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