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MicroK8s is now on AWS marketplace

MicroK8s is now on AWS marketplace

Everyone knows that MicroK8s is an extremely lightweight, extensible, reliable, CNCF-compliant distribution of Kubernetes. What you didn’t know until now is that it is even easier to install and manage as part of your AWS marketplace experience.

First, a quick reminder of why MicroK8s is great:

  • CNCF conformant Kubernetes cluster
  • Rich set of commonly used Kubernetes addons you can enable on-demand
  • Automated updates so your cluster is always up-to-date
  • High availability for your workloads and the cluster

What is new is that MicroK8s is now available on the AWS marketplace, combining all of MicroK8s advantages with the convenience of AWS. The MicroK8s AWS appliance makes it outstandingly simple to deploy highly availability clusters in only a few clicks.

You are ten minutes away from your next AWS Kubernetes cluster

The new MicroK8s AWS appliance will spin up a CNCF-conformant cluster deployed inside AWS instances using Ubuntu Pro images as the host OS. The MicroK8s cluster can start with a single node or multiple Kubernetes nodes for High Availability, with the possibility to scale up and down based on the user defined policies set with an AWS AutoScale group.

The advantage of using Ubuntu Pro is that it covers 10 years of security maintenance. This includes the OS and many 3rd-party open source repositories, so you can confidently consume essential open source software while meeting internal security and compliance requirements.

The cluster will achieve High Availability automatically as soon as it has at least 3 Kubernetes nodes. Once the cluster has High Availability it can tolerate the failure of two nodes without downtime. More information can be found on the MicroK8s AWS deployment guide.


The usage of Kubernetes is free with MicroK8s appliance when this is consumed with Ubuntu Pro Images, making Kubernetes more accessible for consumers looking for affordable Kubernetes clusters deployments on AWS. 

AWS Marketplace offers flexible pricing models, including hourly, monthly, and annual options, as well as the ability to pay as you go. This allows customers to easily scale up or down as needed, without being locked into long-term contracts or commitments. The price for Ubuntu Pro images and AWS instances are estimated via the AWS pricing tool.

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