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Amrisha Prashar
on 9 September 2016

Webinar: Using snaps to deliver enterprise and consumer software

We’ll be hosting our next webinar on using snaps to deliver enterprise and consumer software.

This webinar will be hosted by Nextcloud founder Frank Karlitschek who’ll explain the story of the box and how they managed to get the consumer product to market from 0 to 3x months! He’ll also discuss why they have chosen to use snaps to deliver Nextcloud to the end user and enterprise customers. To learn more about Frank Karlitschek see here.

Date: Wednesday 5th October 17:00 – 18:00 (BST)

Sign-up here

And if you missed our last webinar on Industry 4.0 and IoT there’s still a chance to watch. The webinar explored the convergence of Operational and Information technology as one of the key benefits of the Internet of Things with CEO of Cloudplugs, Jimmy Garcia-Meza.

Webinar on Industry 4.0

To learn more about Ubuntu’s presence in IoT see here.

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