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Peter Jose De Sousa

Peter Jose De Sousa

2 posts

Peter Jose De Sousa
24 October 2019

Kubernetes storage options: StorageOS

Kubernetes Article

Kubernetes offers a range of storage solutions out of the box, but the majority of these are specific to cloud providers, for example, AWS or Google Cloud. This means that the options left for bare metal deployments are Ceph, NFS or local. “StorageOS is a newcomer to this area providing an easy to setup solution ...

Peter Jose De Sousa
8 October 2019

Container registry for Kubernetes with GitLab

Cloud and server Article

Container orchestration solutions such as Kubernetes allow development teams to be quick and agile with their software deployments. “One of the main features of Kubernetes is the ability to reduce the deployment of version piece of software down to a simple image tag which can be applied at the end of a command.” – said ...